3.16.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

This patch has made me crash frequently, especially upon entering a new instance.

I had no issues prior to this patch.
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im gonna be honest with you GGG, im glad to see some tunning down of some monsters in the scourge but.. not only thats clearly not enough since theres alot more issues with the monsters there.. such as the speed of monsters and the constant leaping.. (looks like you dont learn from past) the curroption damage increase and the arc....

but also above that there are many more issues with this league.. its annoying AF that the bar fill too fast and drained too fast.. its annoying AF that the loot doesnt not follow you to your original location and you have to go searching/picking up the loot

on top of that im sad to tell you that this is by far the least rewarding league you have ever created .. useless pointless league that doent even worth interacting with.. 0 reward unlike ritual and others that let you gear up.. Scourge only offer you some meh shitty min max stats on crazy RNG that only effecct the 1% top players.. and for most people not only the bonuses are meh garbage they are uneven unlikely to ever get what they want on their items.

if you ask me.. 1 of the worst leagues ever and you seem to not even learn from past .. Ritual was so good because it was friendly to all players you could do ritual and chose reward for your build.. even now in this Scourge league ive gotten better reward from the 2 rituals i did than alllllllll the reward i ever got from all scourge i did.. fix this and start making stuff more friendly or you will lose your players
The Tainted Mythic Orb can now unpredictably upgrade Corrupted items to Unique items even if their item level is lower than when it would normally be able to drop.

RIP Mythic Orb,now it's absolute garbage.
Was expecting some big buffs to Scourge, guess not today.... disappointed .
Pale Angels still deal up to 22,000 base lightning damage, before any map modifiers or stacking nightmare debuff.
Habamies wrote:
This patch has made me crash frequently, especially upon entering a new instance.

I had no issues prior to this patch.

Me too, had no issues prior to this, now crashed 3 tiems upon entering map during loading screen in just 1 hour of play lol.

edit: make it 4, just happened again....
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Revert 3.7 melee changes | Tfw Synthesis still not core | REVERT SUNDER
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great so no more random 1 shot in scourge, i hope
The main problem is that with my build : 70% chance to evade, 60% suppression chance and 53% suppressed dmg, the monsters in scourge insta-kill my character. I know that isn't 100% optimized but asap i switch to scourge my character die sometimes. Also to scourge an item the time required is very long: 1-2 hour
Anyone else having issues with right-clicking currencies then shift-applying them to multiple items? For instance, when I have multiple unidentified items, I right-click the stack of wisdom scrolls and hold shift and left click all the items I want to identify, but as of this patch sometimes the currency icon on the cursor disappears after the first click on an unidentified item, but sometimes it works normally and lets me keep clicking unidentified items as long as I hold shift. This is happening with chiseling/alching maps in bulk also. I suppose this could be an issue with the shift key on my keyboard, but I cannot recreate the bug, seems totally random, and it was working normally last night. Just wanted to report and see if this is actually a bug. Thanks!

Edit: This was on my end...recently reinstalled Windows and this had to do with some default Ease of Access settings...

Aside from the (not a bug) report, I just want to add some positivity here...
Sure the league mechanic may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the sheer volume of changes that GGG has managed to make in the span of 3 months is ASTOUNDING! It seems to me that they absolutely do learn from past mistakes and are truly trying to give their players what they want, within reason. The changes to the passive tree and the defensive rework are a HUGE step in the right direction, not to mention all these little changes to monster damage and one=-shot improvements, currency stacking, and other general quality of life changes. The game overall feels much better than it has in a long time! 3.15 was pretty bad and I believe most people, including GGG, would agree with that. Now they have made some big sacrifices to their "vision" for the game in order to get players excited to play again. That is a sign of a great game developer in my opinion!

I am not discounting anyone's opinion here, I just believe GGG deserves a bit of credit for the hard work they are doing. I am personally having a lot more fun this league than I have in a long while. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GGG!!!!
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Why increase the movement speed of monsters so much? Run slow BD how to play?

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