Chemist's 3.16 zerk boneshatter 20-60m dps, non crit, HCSSF Viable

plaguefear wrote:
Build is not good enough to need 15 reserved pages.

think i need more? :) ill use this one

Your BF/BB build was great and the guide extensive, so naturally this has got me interested. However since I have never played a Berserker or Warcry reliant build I can't picture the playstyle that well from your text. Is there perhaps some 3.15 video footage or maybe even some unrelated guide that shows me what proper Warcry ussage actually looks like?
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How does this compare to your BF/BB build in terms of clunkiness? I've never played warcry builds before and generally avoid multi button builds, but I loved the BFBB one.
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thanks, i love this build
where is

*2.3 Ascendancy Order
DatBino wrote:
where is

*2.3 Ascendancy Order

look at pob for now, the different leveling trees shows it
Hey, the build looks really cool i just wanted to ask if it can do all endgame content like deli, blight, and all bosses? and would you recommend 1h or 2h? :)
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faltogar wrote:
Hey, the build looks really cool i just wanted to ask if it can do all endgame content like deli, blight, and all bosses? and would you recommend 1h or 2h? :)

Both versions can do all endgame. !h is tankier, 2h more damage.
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In PoB you use warbringer and multiple attack exerting warcries, even though you do 3 attacks per second and and only cca 100% cooldown recovery . Isn't majority of your attacks going to be non-exerted, losing the bonus of war bringer?
Quite impressive how you started playing in April 2021 and are already writing build guides!! Holy fuck homie, you must have a god damn IQ of 150...

It took me at least a year+ to become comfortable enough to understand writing build guides. And it takes me several weeks/months of work to iron out the details of a good build.

It is also quite a coincidence that you post your guide 2 days after I post my Boneshatter guide, yet you apparently have not a single shred of proof you actually fleshed this concept out yourself.

Can you please make your characters public so I can see the toon you used to create this guide?

Can you please post some videos showing endgame?

It could all just be a misunderstanding on my part, but I doubt it. It's not the first time I've had copy cats take my concepts and try to pass them off as their own after changing a few things.

Apologies ahead of time, if it's my mistake and it just happens that there was a random coherence of thought between us and we both worked on the same thing and came up with pretty much the same tree, except a couple differences with scaling.

The problem can all be resolved with your proof of concept toon and linking the gear you used to create the build.

Because contrary to what you may believe, filling out PoB with max life + max res non-existing rares, does not a build guide make.
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