Chemist's 3.16 zerk boneshatter 20-60m dps, non crit, HCSSF Viable

1.0 Introduction

Hello, I'm Chemist. This is my second guide on the PoE forums, my first can be found...


I enjoy making builds that offer fantastic damage, sound defenses, solid clear, and an SSF budget to start.

With that being said let's jump into the build

Putting PoB's up here for those in a rush!!!

Skills section shows leveling and gem links, there's also multiple trees including leveling trees. Consider joining my community discord if you have questions!

2h Version:

1H Version:

Endgame 1H Version:


Please use the PoB, it has leveling trees in it, notes, different gear sets as well as leveling gems and gem configs. Guide will be updated with more information and videos soon.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
*1.1 Why is this build good?
*1.2 What changed from 3.15?
*1.3 One Handed vs Two Handed
*1.4 Pros and Cons
*1.5 Path of Building(s)

2.0 Leveling and Gem Links
*2.1 Leveling Passive Tree(s)
*2.2 Bandits
*2.3 Ascendancy Order
*2.4 Tips and Tricks

3.0 Gem Links
*3.1 Gem links and Priority Breakdown
*3.1 Alternate Quality Priority

4.0 Gear and Flasks
*4.1 Flask Breakdown
*4.2 Uniques
*4.3 Gear Slots

1.1 Why is this build good?

40-70k Armour
78-80 Max res
Solid amounts of block for avoidance and an answer to ele hits and spells
Shock and Freeze immune (ability to get ignite immune)
Stun Immune
5-8k Life
Highest damage of any melee league starter that is HCSSF viable
Great Clear with lots of strike range paired with Ancestral cry, tribal fury, and eventually hunter gloves on top of berserker and rage
Massive 10k guard skill
Ability to access overleech
Reliable Stuns
Incredibly budget friendly
Possibly able to cap spell suppression depending on chest suffix for spell suppression
Abuses hydrosphere

1.2 What changed from 3.15

* New armor does a better job at mitigating large physical hits and trauma
* More Max res available on tree
* Better ailment immunity access
* Due to tree changes you’re getting insane value per point on tree
* Elreon crafts available earlier
* Easier to get high amounts of block on new tree and tempest gives 25% spell
* Can run MANY more auras due to reservation efficiency
* Disfavour drops from normal atziri meaning you can get silly high damage very
* All the defensive changes allow us run a hc viable berserker which offers
insane amounts of damage
* New axe mastery destroys corpses so no more worrying about DD or porcupines

1.3 One Handed vs Two Handed

One handed
-Less Damage
-Access to block
-nearly Immortal while mapping
-Excellent mitigation and sustain for bossing
-Can most likely cap spell suppression via mod on shield (34%) Atziri’s Steps (26%) Thread of hope in the middle (13%) Quartz Flask 10% Chest (34?%) Small suppression cluster (9%)
-Tempest shield for shock immunity outside of pantheon

Two Handed
-More damage
-No access to block which means no avoidance
-Excellent mitigation and sustain for bossing
-Mapping can feel a bit worse due to you relying on mitigation, but molten shell will hard carry avoidance in most scenarios
-Can possibly cap spell suppression depending on how much you can get on chest
-More Armour through the red socket master granting 10% armor per socket
-1c unique (atziri’s disfavor) is enough to clear endgame
-Can potentially die to large ele hits or spells if it one shots you, this would be absurdly rare and would not be an issue on softcore

1.4 Pros and Cons

-Excellent Damage
-Fantastic Mitigation
-Amazing League Starter
-Ability to get a solid amount of avoidance with the 1H version
-Leech and Overleech
-Fast Mapper
-Addicting, high octane gameplay
-Endgame Viable
-HCSSF Viable

-Some people don’t like melee
-More buttons that some people are used to (which can be a pro or a con for some)
-Marauder leveling can feel lethargic to those who aren’t used to leveling melee
-Leap Slam for mapping, flame dash for serious bossing
-Hydrosphere can take some getting used to but you can opt out of it and drop melee splash for another link
-Requires you to use warcries properly
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