Eternal Labyrinth Improvements in Path of Exile: Scourge

Oh my god a change for the massive amount of casual players? I am so happy. Nice, a few more plz <3
Very cool, thanks!
Innomen wrote:
dyneol wrote:

You still did not explain how any of it is "sexist". Just to make sure: sexism is the discrimination of sexes, not about your unfulfilled desire to play certain avatars. And before you even try: Not having a certain game feature is not sexism, if that was the case, everything would be racist and sexist and what have you ... everyone will find a missing feature somewhere. Many people have this state of mind already, unfortunately, where everything is offending if it doesn't meet certain dogmatic demands - but that is a unsustainable and destructive mindset.

So if the game had doctors and nurses and only female avatars could be nurses, that wouldn't be sexist.

The mental gymnastics fans (in the original sense of the word) never ceases to amaze.

Not that it matters, clearly GGG looked at labs and classes and concluded everything in junky dory. And thus so did the fans.

Unsustainable entitlement. You have no idea what sexism is.
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Innomen wrote:

I no snark wish they'd just give us prefab characters to play, like when you choose a PVP starting skill.

That way casuals even would have a nice solid league starter.

From "I dislike that i can't have a male necromancer" to "i wish they would just instance classes or prefabs" is a huge step you make seem like it's almost nonexistent. The game is nowhere near prefab characters, wtf.

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something actually intuitive? now if only the labyrinth were intuitive, fun or at all engaging!
I just wish we didn't have to redo all the Trials again to unlock Labyrinths tier 1-3 every new league. I'd be fine with just only allowing entry into Labs with strict level requirement and remove all the plaques in the campaign, or yes, interact with a plaque and get an Offering or make them like Lab shrines with extra Font uses, trap disable for Izaro, extra Treasure keys etc... Then, shrines in the Lab are strictly only the perma stat boosts.

People could then say "reliably" run like an Act 6 Trial to acquire Traps disabled during Izaro boss fight then also run an Act 7 Trial to get Izaro drops two keys on death. Would make running Labs with very desirable perks more reliable and less of a wasting forever trying to find a tiny little switch for a tiny hidden room and pray you get the shrine boost you want.
Innomen wrote:
YersiniaD wrote:
Innomen wrote:
Still have to find a billion trials in story, do the lab at least 4 times, and classes still enforce gender roles.

Too little too late.

I had a little hope when I saw the title of this thread.

Guess the crappy sexist lab system is here to stay.

Honest question from a female: What is sexist about the Labyrinth?

Genders are hard wired to classes. As if some professions simply can't be held by some genders. This was sexist before we even had lab. And they only doubled down.

But my personal complaint is I'm tired of having to play a girl to play 90% of the time because of my preferred playstyle.

I like to try and personally identify with my character, and that's hard to do when my choices are be a girl, or cover myself in mtx to the point of being inhuman. (Who still sounds like a girl when casting attacking or injured.)

All they'd have to do is make classes gender neutral, and unlink starting location, class choice, and character model.

I've wanted a Templar necromancer since my first week in game. Yeah I can Kinda do that, but it's wildly suboptimal.

Almost like I'm being punished for stepping out of the proscribed gender role.

Sidenote: I am not trolling, and I'm tired of being scolded for ANY form of complaint.
What timeline am I even in anymore. I want out. Please someone get me out.
how in the all holy fks post about lab and trials in game got som1 arguing about sexims and lgbt bs
Thank you this is the best !
casuls happy. give us more press x to win!

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