Path of Exile 3.16 Balance - Part 1 - Flasks and Ailment Mitigation

mrpibadi wrote:
fenumed wrote:
Create a problem, then put a lot of effort to solve it, meanwhile creating more problems. Only i dont like such development style?!

Same! I don't understand why they even in flat place start to make a problems. Who care about flasks before? Why you spend so many time on flask instead of fixing crashes, make new engine so people stop suffering with 0 FPS. When you start working and stop make a useless patches and changes like this? Some of you disighners just trying to justify they salary. Craating a problem with flask - it's just a additional time to get a sallary to resolve non - existent problem.

LMAO what the... Just make a new engine 4head no problem!

They are always fixing crashes and bugs, each new patch introduces new crashes and bugs which need to be fixed. It's a constant battle. Also, you're in the minority, this is not by any stretch a useless patch. You seem to have a fundamental lack of understanding of how a business and even more so how a game development company works, so maybe you should stick to mobile gaming and keep your nonsensical thoughts to yourself.
MRLAVA wrote:
More nerfs to ele equilib and the other thing ....
50% mana reserve for purity of element ....
Fixing flask problem by making it tiers . More rng . And also more nerf to some flasks and on top neefing unique flasks ....

What is this ...

Please stop damaging the game

reading is hard, we now.

Great Patch GGG :D
You guys made 70% effect on unique flasks but on legacy Soul Catcher + 40% soul cost weapon it makes 100% reduced soul cost. Before it needed spiked concotion (lastst 4sec) but now you have it 0 cost for the whole flask duration.
Just retarted changes made by a bunch of retards.Now flask are even worse than before. At least before you knew they suck now you have to spend 10 skill points to make them viable.
We deserve what we tolerate!
I want a rework of poison skills. Just toxic rain really works
So flasks are back to how they were before 3.15? Ok
Bleed... 35-39% less Duration.

It's a trap!
Purity of Elements: Aura now grants “You and nearby Allies are Immune to all Elemental Ailments”, and “You and nearby Allies gain +20-34% to all Elemental Resistances” (previously 12-27%). Now has a Reservation of 50% (previously 35%).

So, Purity of Elements is a staple now. Which for a measly 50% off mana replaces almost all other stuff from below until very late lategame.
Single solution to so many problems is bad.
Utility Flasks now have modifiers that grant Immunity to an Ailment during Flask Effect but lessen the duration of the Flask.

What's the point is in this? We're having even more permanent anti-aliments now.
Grants Immunity to Hinder for 17 seconds if used while Hindered | Grants Immunity to Maim for 17 seconds if used while Maimed

Same rake, in same grass, new angle of step...
Utility Flasks are sustainable with enough character damage and clear speed, but there aren't easy ways to sustain Utility Flasks for less-powerful characters.

Add new modifiers and improve existing modifiers on Flasks that affect their duration or charge gain. Add some new Passive Skills to help sustain Flasks. Extend the base duration of Utility Flasks to reduce how often they need to be used.

So the powerful can sustain flasks easier with these upgrades and underdogs are still struggling. Great. Well, at least 90% of such upgrades are not shoehorned into 1 (one) Ascendancy... are these?
There are no accessible tools for a player to change their charge gain method if gaining charges on kill isn't well-suited to their slower playstyle.

Rework the "Survival" Jewels available from the "Through Sacred Ground" quest to let you gain charges another way, while reducing the charges gained from kills. These designs are still in progress.

Is this a joke? Well, 'once per character' is better than 'once per day if you made it to the top of Labyrinth's leaderboard'...
Besides, 'two weeks til' update' is a bit too late for designs finalization.

I have a bad feeling about this...
my spider tingling sensation telling me... the new league will be trashier than the previous one

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