Path of Exile 3.16 Balance - Part 1 - Flasks and Ailment Mitigation

my spider tingling sensation telling me... the new league will be trashier than the previous one
Having been involved with POE since beta, I used to brag to everyone that POE was the best RPG in the world because of its' complexity & re-playability. I never got tired of it. But, the trend has been to identify "problems" and "fix" those problems. This has resulted in an unacceptable level of complexity & confusion that is a turnoff for the "average" or "casual" player. Don't we still want those players involved in our game? Do we want to attract new players or are we satisfied with only the super-elite players that GGG caters to? It has become impossible for me to convince friends to play this game as it now stands - the level of complexity for the entry-level player is daunting. Instead of making the game MORE complex & unwieldy with every new expansion, we should be streamlining it and making it more fun to play. It's becoming a chore to keep up with all the new changes, rather than a pleasure. Am I alone in believing that this is NOT a good thing?
I have to say... I'm a little taken aback by the number of changes which are required to ailment mitigation, here. I'm not disputing the need to make these changes right now, or the details of any of the changes themselves, but the scope of the changes needed would seem to indicate that ailments, in their entirety, need a complete redesign.

This game has so many secondary ailments which are poorly understood by most players, poorly communicated to new players in particular, and which see little to no use as a result, and that's been true since the last major revision to the ailment system. Seriously... it's time to rethink everything you're doing in terms of ailments in the game, and ask yourself how much of it can be removed entirely without breaking anything that you actually need for PoE2.

Just a thought. Other than that... not bad. I like that some thought is being given to enabling slower play styles, without nerfing faster play styles into the ground. I wouldn't have minded seeing the game slowed down significantly, but since it seems you're back-tracking on that entire concept, I guess this is the next best option.

Of course, whether it's truly possible to keep both slow and zoom players happy, long term, remains to be seen.
If ailments are now going to be reactively cured through flask usage, I think there needs to be a more obvious way to identify ailments on you rather than looking in the upper left. Buff icons over your character's mini healthbar would be ideal.
Reaper0181 wrote:
Demonoz wrote:
axeltt012 wrote:
Rip using tempest shield to proc Orb of storm.... that was one of my favorite build.

Tempest Shield+OOS mechanics will still work the same the only difference is Tempest Shield will reserve Mana instead of just having uptime via activation and of course Shock Mitigation.

Just depends on how much mana it reserves. If its only 10% then its no big deal. If its 25%?... Well that might be a little bit of a problem but, still not build destroying.

that is not how you play the build you play it by cast tempest shiled rapidly to proc OOS not from block chain . iam just saying that its not nerf that play style is not going to work any more cause you cannot cast tempest shield.

Oh shit that is right i forgot all about that. I forgot you spam cast TS for massive amounts of hits. Yeah in that case it probably wont work at least nothing like before. Classic GGG... If it works and fun it has to go. Especially if its off meta.
There is a fine line between Consideration and Hesitation.
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jfc this is convoluted
A lot changes.
I read not all, but i hope GGG reads at least as much as i.

To make it more complex to understand the theory gives not more fun.
To change the bottles because the player has to click always and then reduce the time they work makes no sense.
To work on armor and evation and energy shild makes no sense, then the normal protection was never the problem. The problem is that you even with endles amror, 8T health and and and got oneshoted. Mostly not even know what happens. A bit more protection with armor helps here nothing...

and and and

I read so much more here in the forum witch is true and i hope only that GGG reads it too - not only twitch interview with full-time players...

I hope so that POE find the way back to game who wants fun for the players, not only fun for the programmers to see how even the strongest players die always.

And i hope that the changes are not that deep, that at the end are only 3 builds left who work.

P.S. Is it really necessary to nerf things, because groups who use special builds in the group are better as groups without? That is just the sense of a group, to have some specialist and use their skills...

At the end i am looking forward to a seasen who makes fun again - the last one was the first where i player almost never...
"Replace the Ailment Removal Modifier on Utility flasks with one that grants Ailment Immunity but lessens flask duration. Note that base durations on Utility flasks have been increased to compensate"

"All that fancy sword swinging when all you need is one good stab."
Really like the new format and the direction these changes are going. Will have to see how they hold up to the problem they are trying to solve. Keep up the good work.
The flip flop from last leagues manifesto is unreal, lol. Was revenue really that bad?

Bad jokes aside, one thing that concerns me is that GGG inherently doesn't understand the underlying reason as to why instant recovery from life flasks is so much better than anything else.

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