Path of Exile 3.16 Balance - Part 1 - Flasks and Ailment Mitigation

Wow .... not nerfing but embrace the immunity life exchanging for lower dmg and good investment on gear. This look great tbh, more way to counter mechanic always fun in game. The ultility flask kinda worry me a bit due to the duration is super long, it good for players hand/arm but feel like it throw balancing out of the window
Now we can use flask
GGG new strategy: "don't hit them with the nerfs before release day, cause they'll play New World and D2R for another 3 months"
Aurabots being nerfed, great job, but u cant make auras also feel bad on regular characters that run 1-3 aura's. dont make everything feel like shit. keep poe fun please dont make everything feel horrendous
No nerf league ? I can't believe it ...
Please remove flask tiers. The game is complex enough. Dont make it more uncomfortable for casual players by needing high item level flasks while leveling.
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THis is the best. Nice work! Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast
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way better than the last round. main concerns i have is a bunch of flasks have the crappy 40/60 charge values. they suck. even rolling reduced charges used no longer lets u have 2 uses.

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