You've decided that our next community designed microtransaction will be a set of Epic and Dark Wings! Now that we have a general direction for the cosmetic effect, we are opening up to suggestions from the community as to what you would like the design to be.

To help give you an idea of what type of concepts fit this theme, check out the Void Wings, Sin Wings, Dragon Hunter Wings, Malice Wings, Doomcrow Wings, Thaumaturgy Wings and the Rapture Wings.

Leave your ideas below and we'll look through them all to compile the best/most feasible ideas to begin the next steps of the process. We are looking forward to hearing your suggestions!
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Don’t let ziz decide again, can’t take more shark MTX.

Hyped to see what the community comes up with though.
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Currency based wings. Its epic and money is the root of all evil right so it fits the dark theme too.

A cerberus demon dog attachment.

Dark matter orbs that will rotate around the characters or just swivel around the head and shoulder area.
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Maybe like a hydra on your back? 3 headed dragon or demon, sort of like a parasitic growth.
I will pay you actual money for a wings cosmetic MTX that is just shadows and doesn't even have to be specifically wings.

Something like:

I am wondering if people who voted for it had any ideas or just hoped you would come up with something. For the future, I'd suggest explaining next steps when you make a community designed event.
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Black feathers that turn crimson red at the tips (dipped in blood) with faint gold sparkles (like the Angelic Wings in game) to give the look of something evil disguising itself behind beauty. A small trail of falling feathers behind the character as they move.

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KISS / metal inspired halo wings.
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That you have 7 wings that fit this theme underscores how little this theme is needed.

But enough about being a negative Nancy. You want an epic and dark idea. How about skulls?

Imagine a coffin forming the backbone with spidery limbs arrayed in a winglike manner protruding with skulls periodically hanging off of them.
Something that will match your future scarecrow, clown, or tree-ent zombie skin ;-)
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