Expedition PlayStation Launch Update

Can we get an ETA please anyone at GGG? Its very early in some places, I'll stay if its soon but if notbi would like some rest, please update us :)
Could we get an ETA??
I just want stash tabs discount
Honestly I only play on PS4 since it has controller support. If they ever add that to PC version I'll go back to my gaming rig. Hands get murdered with all the clicking on PC version, controller feels so nice.

Yes as we all know it has it's issues, hard to click doors, hard to click items, slow to manage inventory and skill tree but the trade off is huge when it comes to pain management.

But the day they bring controller support to PC version I'm out! But that day may never come, I remember asking for GGG to add full numpad rebinding back in beta on my first account way way back when. They never did so I don't hold my breath for anything from them. Still can't rebind all the numpad keys in 2021!

Anyway that's my blog post. Would be playing instead of typing, if we could.
I completely agree... likely waiting for POE2 for any type of "new client update"
same here. Worst part is, that this issue have been here, 2 Leagues ago, and the havn't learned from it. n me neither in that case, Sadge! I love the game, n bought a gd handful of support packs. But every league. It seems like, i'v end faster n faster. GGG Hype kill every league x'(
Fel-Seal wrote:
seems like they dont care about console community at all.

Xbox is fine though.
I personally just wish I could enjoy the race at PlayStation league start. This happened during harvest league and destroyed the league start. I understand that a ETA is hard to do at this point. If it takes more than 2 or 3 hours could we just set a time to start to save the race for most people.
It's been 1 hour, please give us some insight on what's happening, it's late in some parts of the world...
Ok i anderstand this shit,but where my frog and portal from psplus pack.I'm so lonely without my frog :(
gonna go to bed and hope its running in 8 hours. only thing I can do at this point... not gonna keep checking for updates every 10-15 minutes like i have been for the last hour and a half gl guys if it goes live before then

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