Expedition PlayStation Launch Update

all this special nerfs and mtx but cant fix ur server's great job ggg
How are you planning to notify players when it's fixed? Or when you have an ETA?

The current situation is going to result in a very unbalanced league launch, assuming it takes more than a few more minutes to fix.
I know we aren't as big as PC but please show some care for the console platforms. I feel like we are always an after thought. Show us some love, dedicate some more team members for solely console.

And a PS5 patch/upgrade would be nice.


I have to stop falling for league starts. I keep taking off of work and getting excited but this has happened the last seventeen leagues and my time off is wasted **every** **single** **time**. Shouldn’t GGG have hired someone who knows how to work with consoles by now? I suppose a similar question is, shouldn’t I have learned my lesson by now? 😅
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I completely agree... likely waiting for POE2 for any type of "new client update"
Thanks for the post and keeping the minority console community in the loop! I'm looking forward to playing!

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I hate to be the one to say it, but y'all, a delayed launch isn't a big deal. A bit annoying, but I'd rather them discover a game-breaking glitch before they launch the update than after.

Also, given that the Xbox version went ahead with no problems whatsoever, chances are that this isn't an issue caused by the devs, but rather with PSN. They're a bit negligent when it comes to their network and don't tend to communicate with studios much.

I would like it if they'd fix the rubberband dash while they're at it, though. For the inconvenience c:
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Here is the sad part, I love this game. I could play it on PC, but I prefer not to. I didn't complain about "prices for this or that are cheaper on PC", when I played trade leagues. I don't complain when I die in HC because the game freezes, crashes, etc. it's the risk I take. I will continue to play POE, on console, even though it seems like they don't care about console players. Soon enough, if they continue to treat us like second class citizens, something better will come along that grabs us the way POE did and they will have lost all of us. Until that point, none of our bitching, whining, threatening to leave, etc. will amount to anything. We continue to play because no matter how frustrated we get at times, we love the game. At this point, I'm going to go do something else and come back to POE tomorrow. I will hope the problem will be resolved by then, if not, possibly the next day . . . or not, we will see.
Frustrating for sure but since there’s going to be a delay……. Maybe make it for 7amEST so I can get some rested xp ;)
Exactly!! spoke for all of us

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