Expedition PlayStation Launch Update

135 queued. Just need Them game servers up now
in the queue ???
in the queue ???
in the queue ???
in the queue ???
in the queue ???
are you sure?
Its been 10 minutes.. still 294 people ahead in the queue
Game servers not running yet. But remb not to Press circle if ur Reading new league information
Up running / in
Ah, the joys of super slow internet.

I've still got 10 minutes of downloading to do, and everyone else is level 6. Let's see how far behind I am.
What a joke. Also why do we not have the updates to the game like the 4s flask immunity ect. They were released before the console 3.15 season even started so how do you not deploy the season with these changes already in???
Thanks for ruining the most fun part of the league for me which is league start. Couldn't even play then had to go to bed and wont be able to play until after work. Everyone else will be miles ahead of me already. Thanks GGG. LEARN TO SETUP A PROPER QA TEST PLAN FOR YOUR FKN DEPLOYMENTS SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS HAPPENS ALMOST EVERY DAMN LEAGUE
It takes some serious effort for a multi million company to operate like a bunch of amateurs every single time!
Just curious GGG:

How did this happen? What caused this to devolve like this? What is continuing to cause this to happen (reading that this isn't your first stumble out of the gates)? What steps are being taken to improve and not have this happen again?

Your reputation and brand on the line, not mine.

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