[3.15] Storm Rain Raider League Starter - Theorycraft

Since it seems to have fixed attk speed of beams and maybe also duration (but that would be not worth to prolong that i would say), then probably will be best focus on Critical and increase psyh/light.

There is no need of "Archer" gem or some chains and soon on.. So probably some typical multiply projectile until player gets these kind of buffs from items and then change it on whatever will be free to put.

I will go probably typical approach of Old school Raider lightning builds.

1) Increase critical and multi critical
2) Elemental focus/lightning penetrate on highest possible
3) Frezny on typicall 7 nodes most likely
3-2) So normal attack speed for faster release of arrows..

4) Until higher items/lvl i will probably choice a few jewel nodes but after switch on much possible to max multi output


Can't decide if is more worth pick Onslaugh or phasing path in raider. Since you can always annoint Onslaugh later on but yes you will lose some decent buffs.

For movement seems have only dash too dangerous since it won't in pure lighting stop or slow anything, so probably make 4 slot item:
Dash - Blink - Second wind and Stellskin (?).

Or probably have some ensnaring arrow to slow things..

Would like to get know more how to increase pure lightning output because i don't ussually look on some builds guide and these change on different element anyway (more down..)


There isn't much space for creating crazy stuff for now.. Idk if there will be posibility for example increase "area effect of beam" which would provide another posibilities..


Yea core of skill is nice so if player would decide ignore lightning and went of ice or fire it would be another huge change of things..

Read that somebody wants make chaos build with this gem.. IT seems very clever idea since beams attack automatically and you will just stack chaos over dmg.. + there are ways to transform lightning on chaos..


Overall i think that Ranger with lightning focus is poorly done, there aren't many support.. it's really more worth go in ice/chaos though idk if want do that..
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I hope this will be good league starter, looking forward to this skill.
Would love to combine it with the ballista support somehow since that skill looks awesome aswell.
Keeping the eye on this thread. Thinking about triple conversion with Eternity Shroud for endgame.
XHersikX has the right points on this. Definately agree with the 4 point plan to scale this. I'm not sure about the chaos conversion though. I feel like lightning is in a good spot with wrath, HoT, and we can even add HoI and HoA.

Sure, we can flat cold/Herald of Ice to support it more but i'm worry about pure scale up of lightning...

Raider or generaly ranger has low support for lighting..

Last leauge i went old school lighting arrow, which probably will have a quite changes to Storm rain because you don't need chain or even mirrage archer..

Supporting Galvanic arrow was about repeat and attack speed but with fixed attack speed of beams, idk if attack speed is needed to go.
(For example to frenzy path in Raider)

Probably would be worth try phasing and get 20% penetrate to whatever element and that brings us back to scaling storm rain lightning with another elements and things like cold..

Probably speed up will be depened on blood rage rather than go on 7 frenzy charges.. These points from tree can be used on jewels mid/end depends on market or if SFF then drops..

I would like to keep pure lightning focus but i don't see for now some effective way...
Would need see that gem in action and know what support gems can be used.

Though it has support for AoE which makes options like scale dmg just for sake of smaller AoE
Nice ideas, can't wait POB's tree.
Only issue here is the scaling.

It will need heavy investment into Phys to make it good.

I think it will be great for single target. Also i hope the Pulse Duration will activate faster with levels.

Raider seems to be the right choice at.

I wish it had some flat Ele.
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Thought about starting Storm Rain as well.

My plan was to go Deadeye for the additional Arrows and maybe throw in the buffed Barrage if Storm Rain lacks Single Target DPS.

Will certainly follow this thread :P
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With other guys in discord server and dicussion we decided that benifits from Raiders can be this league (after first look in manifesto) medium/good according what exactly could be used..


I did both version of skill tree with same equip from last league which focused Light Arrow/Galvanic arrow with weaker bow.

So far is though that Deadeye has more benefits..
Though you will need decide if you will use power of Mirrage archers only and fire 3 projectiles in one attack which gives potential 40 arrows/s or use also greater multi projectile "GMP" and increase it with that on around +50 a/s.

Without Raider attack speed you can reach around 0.3s of attack time

a) Considering that Onslaugh will be weaker (manifesto info)
around around 0.25 - 0.3s

b) With path for phasing which will have small elemental dmg buff according manifesto then it will be 0.24s
-- though that way you will need change for example if you are using "wave of conviction gem" due to Avatar of The Veil

Has to be considered facts that Storm Rain will be based on how many arrows in short time you will release because projectiles/arrows on their own most likely don't give dmg so having less arrows which are releasing is bigger lost.

Though Yes, barrage can be used too but as i said it's unknow if projectiles on their own will do any dmg
XHersikX wrote:

Though Yes, barrage can be used too but as i said it's unknow if projectiles on their own will do any dmg

If that was a reply to my post i would like to clarify that i meant the Active Skill Gem Barrage, not the Support Gem.
I would run 2 Active Skill Setups in Chest and Bow

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