[3.18] Tsus Exsanguinate Scion - all content done

I was looking at your profile furiouscalf. You are an absolute mad lad. You made to 100 with this build? I loved this build last league but even back then I just couldn’t squeeze enough damage out of it so I didn’t even try this league. I love the mtx for exsanguinate so I really wanted it to work lol. Was you able to beat the pinnacle bosses or did you play this more as a mapper?
im lvl 94, build is solid, damage is a bit on the low side and i'm not exactly sure what to do at this point tbh.

possibly change the trickster to raider in the jewels, but that's a few ex.

I am trying to craft a +2 + dot amulet that should theoretically give me more damage than ashes, so maybe i'll eventually do that, but still im far away from farming uber bosses, especially with the expenses that that amulet would mean (it's like a 50ex amulet i think?).

You can check out my character here https://pastebin.com/cUc3FMUp
yeah back when i made the build, dual skill amulets were quite easy to get, thanks to elderslayer mods. Also I don't think the build will be able to clear the new uber content under 100ex gear...

maybe if you skip a lot of defense to incoporate a second physical cluster jewel or something
Current Build: Exsanguinate again
Current Thoughts:
Poison Scion: https://pastebin.com/frNZsm1A
Hello I've enjoyed using your guide as a brand new player. I was deviating a lot at first but the more I played the more your choices made sense. I'm posting at the moment for some advice. Currently, my next goal is to get a Ashes of the Stars which would mean I could switch my Diadem to one with Chaos resist and +2 to socketed AoE and a small cluster jewel for Malevolence reservation efficiency. My hang up is that is a lot of currency for me I was wondering if you see a better way for me to spend that 40 exalt?
dual skill amulet and another reservation cluster as well as removing temporal rift could do the trick
ashes was just a stopgap last season as dual skill amulets were really pricy
Current Build: Exsanguinate again
Current Thoughts:
Poison Scion: https://pastebin.com/frNZsm1A
Hey there, I'm trying to use RF with this build but my health keeps going down. I have 80% fire res, purity of fire (lvl18 and 20% qual), I have ashes of the stars amulet with 20% qual mods and 20% inc reservation efficiency of skill gems, my life regen is 565 per second and have 5k life ... can you tell me what I am missing please?
You didn't pick max resist passives that's why you are melting lol
Scion or Trickster for 3.19?
Really want to play Exsanguinate this League but can't decide for Class

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