[3.14] Juggernaut near immortal Exsanguinate

Extremely tanky, ehp in the 100-250k range
Very good clear
Average expense
No Ultimatum deaths unless you screw up
6-7 Endurance charges
352 Ultimatum streak no deaths fully completed on t14-16 maps (lost streak to ruin and not paying attention)

Not the fastest boss killer (roughly 1.4m-3m dps single target depending on gear)
Average expense

Video of a 30 pack size T16 Colosseum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZXBP7eV0qc Please excuse the stuttering my setup is not designed to record and play. Ultimatum at 1:40

Video of T15 4 Delirium orb, 4 sextant Alleyways https://youtu.be/hsuwviQ_p6Y This one is a lot scarier, still a bit laggy, music is very poorly played because I was just clicking a youtube video on my other monitor (sorry). First breach is pretty spooky but I'm also not the best player. Ultimatum at 5:55

Video of Uber Elder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtNfPK6GoJg fairly faceroll. This is using the Viridi's Veil set and chain instead of Swift Affliction to show you don't need as much single target as I have. There's not really a lot to see here, even when I'm barely paying attention and getting hit by shaper balls I still don't die.

Why Juggernaut? I've been trying to make tanky/cheap builds for a long time now and it's getting harder to make them deal enough damage to feel good but exsanguinate is pretty perfect for mapping. You would get a lot more damage from something like Trickster but that relies a lot more on chance to be tanky.

Cheap vs Expensive
You can make this build a lot cheaper but it won't be as tanky. The big buffer between the two is 6 linking a Brass Dome and getting a good % life on block shield.

If you don't have a 6 linked Brass Dome you can use a 6 linked staff which only cost about as much as a divine. If it has no good mods scour it, vendor with some skill gems that have the "physical" tag and add up to 40% quality. This will give you a +1/2 to all physical spells staff (you might have to divine it to +2). Then aug/regal it and craft some spell damage or phys multi.

Skill tree progression
Take all the major life nodes first, along with Relentless and Veteran Soldier. Aim for Sovereignty as you get to the end game. Buy and add cluster jewels whenever you can, obviously you won't need the Born of Chaos jewels until you have Glorious Vanity. Add on block nodes like Sanctuary when you have a shield, or Whirling Barrier if you are using a staff. Endurance charges and finally extra damage/life nodes like Juggernaut and Vitality Extraction.


In order of importance:

The Brass Dome is an excellent body armour that works very well with the juggernaut ascendancy. Just equipping it gives you roughly 30k armour which is perfect for dealing with all the little physical hits from regular mobs. But the immunity to crit is what is very important, no taking chances on whether a slam you didn't see will suddenly deal 300% more damage, fuck that.

Pretty standard damage weapon, nothing really beats this until you get into the 10ex+ range.

I got VERY lucky crafting this, you don't need one anywhere near as good. As long as it has % life on block, some life/res, whatever else you need it's a good shield. Aspect of the spider can be crafted anywhere you have a spare suffix (as long as that item doesn't have any gems that would increase the cost).

This is a pretty average helmet, the 15% reservation enchant is the important part. You can also get a 30% reserved flesh and stone enchant, does the same thing.

The +1 physical gems adds damage but is not all that important (ignore the quality, that was on it when I bought it). Disciple of the Unyielding is a good annoint for damage and endurance but honestly there are a number of choices that you can make here. Arcane Swiftness is a very good alternative, more block, damage, and shock avoidance.

Not that important but a good chunk of damage and the arcane surge on hit is very nice.

Any ring with Vulnerability on hit and stats you need is good.

Phys multi on gloves is very nice but can get a bit expensive.

Generic stats.

Generic stats, onslaught on kill is good for speed.


Glorious Vanity is purely to get Divine Flesh which is a huge boost to tankiness. Basically cap your chaos resistance and get a couple of Born of Chaos small cluster jewels and you will take a lot less elemental damage.

There are a few different cluster jewel combinations I messed around with but a lot of them are very expensive. This is the best compromise I could make, Mage Hunter with any other damage notable on an 8 passive with a 3rd useless passive for the large jewel. 2 Mediums with Rend and another damage passive, doesn't have to be Brewed. 2 Smalls can have a few different things but Born of Chaos is the best choice.


Instant heal to max with pretty much no downside considering chaos res.

Who can say no to some extra block?

Speed, bleed.

Anti shock, more regen/damage

Anti curse, phys reduction.

Gear updates:

New amulet, +1 with phys multi is actually more damage than +2 right now. Obviously the best would be +2 with multi. Noxious catalysts can bring a 16% up to 19%. Spent 3ex on an Aisling veiled craft for the min frenzy charge, probably not worth it.

All max res is obviously better than just max lightning, since it is "all" and not "all elemental" it applies to chaos too, bringing me up to 78/77/77/88 max res. Again, life on block, a better version would have a block chance roll instead of regen but regen is also good.

This side grade was mostly to try and make RF work, completely unnecessary to make a helmet with less reservation.

Alternate gear (Viridi's Veil)

This gear set prioritises Viridi's Veil to get the immunity to crits instead of Brass Dome. That takes a lot of stats away from the left ring but it gives us "Damage of enemies hitting you is unlucky" which is pretty amazing. Damage being unlucky means every time something hits you it rolls the damage twice and takes the lower roll. UPDATE: Switched to a 90% reservation because it just lets me use a War Banner which is a bit more damage.

Because Viridi's Veil requires a magic ring I think the best value is Vuln on hit and some life on a resistance ring. Make sure it's on your left ring slot.

Since we don't need the crit immunity from Brass Dome we have a bit more freedom but it still needs to be something with good armour. Crab body gives a good amount of armour, some res, good life, bleed immunity, and you can swap between crab aspect and purity of fire, whichever is better in whichever situation.

Another good body choice, decent armour, stacking elemental taken as chaos, cheaper and easier +2 duration corruption (got this one for 12ex).

Gem differences:
Gloves: Arrogance > Vitality > Swift Affliction (for single target swap) > Free slot, I use portal.

Boots: CWDT > Tempest Shield > Molten Shell > Free slot, I put RF here.

Viridi: Enhance 3/4 > Purity of Fire > Flesh and Stone > Pride.

Weapon/Shield: Whirling Blades > Faster Attacks > Fortify

Weapon/Shield: Enlighten 3 > Herald of Purity > War Banner (if you can add it)

This gear set can use RF but it's not really that useful. You don't need more damage now that the build has been fine tuned some more. All it really does it make you a little less tanky and kill map bosses in 5 seconds instead of 8. It can make elder faster if you want to farm lots of them.

Alt gear POB: https://pastebin.com/nPH5ZQKs


Alternate quality choices:
Anomalous Exsanguinate is good, cast speed is always nice to keep moving. Anomalous molten shell, bit more survivability. Divergent Pride, 2% more damage.

Exsanguinate Brutality Efficacy Controlled Destruction Unleash Chain/Swift Affliction
Swap chain to Swift Affliction for single target if you feel you need it.

Corrupting Fever Brutality Efficacy Swift Affliction
Not super necessary but some added damage can be nice.

Flesh and Stone Herald of Purity Pride Enlighten
Tank and damage auras.

Molten Shell Cast when damage taken Increased Duration Withering Step
CWDT setup, molten shell is an 8k shield on a Dome Juggernaut.

Arrogance Vitality Blood Rage

Whirling Blades Faster Attacks Fortify

Updating as I play,
POB: https://pastebin.com/6crZAms2

Feel free to message with questions @ArbitraryAnalogousAegis

To use Petrified Blood or not?
I leveled to 90 with petrified blood, leveled to 97 without, and then tried Zizaran's anomalous pet blood + level 4 enhance. It's good but it's a little too situational to ever give you "better" survivability than not having it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D38e2E1U2c This video is of me using the anomalous and enhance 4 (sorry for the clicking forgot to mute mic). It shows how strong it can be but really it's only keeping me alive because 30 mobs are attacking me. If they weren't I'm fairly sure I would have died because the regen from Unbreakable is countering the 200% life loss from the quality increased petrified blood. Overall I don't like it, you're risking a lot of experience on the chance the thing hitting you isn't going to straight up kill you but it's down to personal choice and playstyle.

What if I want to min max the shit out of this build?
You can hit a damage cap of roughly 4m single target. I say this because while you can replace unleash with empower 4 and get it to 5.2m you won't be able to sustain the cast speed of hitting something 3 times a second without significant drawbacks.

To hit 4m you need: Arcane surge on hit, all awakened supports bar unleash and efficacy, get a Viridi's Veil with reduced reservation corruption and +2 gems, a +2 duration body, level 21 exsanguinate, a shield with at least 10% reduced reservation, +1 endurance synth boots, +2 T1 phys multi amulet, watcher's eye with malevolence dot multi.

Is it worth doing all this? Fuck no, you don't need 4m, 2.5m is all content viable and doesn't cost anywhere near this much.
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Why 2 3k armor flasks? They don't stack.
Mapping/Bosskilling video?

Thinking of making a new tanky character, but i cant tell if your build is good ^^
Hikakundesu wrote:
Why 2 3k armor flasks? They don't stack.

True the 4th flask doesn't need to be granite I just haven't bothered to change it. Quartz would be a good choice but you can really use whatever you want as long as it's anti shock.

Marthuk wrote:
Mapping/Bosskilling video?

Thinking of making a new tanky character, but i cant tell if your build is good ^^

I'm going to try doing this but my setup isn't the best.
This build looks really interesting and I think I'm gonna give it a try. How is this build against the endgame bosses like Sirus and Maven?
vvizard wrote:
This build looks really interesting and I think I'm gonna give it a try. How is this build against the endgame bosses like Sirus and Maven?

Sirus is easy but slow (tanks mini beams fine, tanked 4 die beams but they're a bit spooky) I tried a Maven'd Shaper last night and I wouldn't recommend it for that. Took 15 minutes and the arena looked like the surface of the moon. Didn't die but sort of stressful. Have not tried Maven herself yet, or Elder/Uber.
Liking the build so far. Just gonna have to find a way to get some more dmg out. Dont have the best gear atm but shouldn't be to far from yours.
Gloves with damage over time.
Amulet with +1.
ring with vulnerability.

What do I go for first?
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Gaearawr wrote:
Liking the build so far. Just gonna have to find a way to get some more dmg out. Dont have the best gear atm but shouldn't be to far from yours.
Gloves with damage over time.
Amulet with +1.
ring with vulnerability.

What do I go for first?

Vuln ring is the cheapest and most damage, gloves second, amulet 3rd.
Is 6L a must or can I play with 5L + Shield until I can upgrade to 6L?

Also, do you know when can Marauder get Exsanguinate gem?
Viduka wrote:
Is 6L a must or can I play with 5L + Shield until I can upgrade to 6L?

Also, do you know when can Marauder get Exsanguinate gem?

You don't really need a 6L but it's probably going to be fairly slow on red maps on a 5L. The skill is 28 so Gravicius quest.

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