Huge stutter freeze after latest texture streaming fix update.

whood wrote:

This is exactly how my game is running too!
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Game freezes and stters after:
1. Loading a map, boy you are screwed if you chosed sindicate activity, because they will do an intervention right at the beginning when map is still unplayable and you die.
2. Starting an ultimatum trial, is a coin flip; will it freeze this time and I die instantly or will it stutter at later stage and I die clobbered by dozens of mobs?
3. Entering delve encampments with rouge exiles comming out of tents or waiting in cold rooms.
4. Entering incursion instance there is usually 1 sec stutter and if there are chaos shotting mobs you are instakilled, unable to jump away.
5. You try to load a map in map device game freezes 1 ont of 5 times on loading screen forcing you to restart the game loosing one portal.
6. When you run too fast and see pathes of textures loadning and you die to invisible mobs you run into, who load after your char is dead.

None of those problems occured in Ritual league, there are days when everything is going smooth, but there are few and far between.
Since yesterday, ive got huge lag, freeze, rubber banding. up too over 999, well the meter bug past this point.
Same story on any EU server ive tried. Making of cource the game unplayable.
So far, ive seen two situation. first, the game is fine for an variable duration and then go insane. Or just overlaging from the the moment i log in.
Same issue since the last patch, but in my case the freezing can last a very long time and can also happen in town. Lost a couple of heists and a maven invitee.

Giving up for the day as the game is completely broken now. Waiting for a patch to fix this and hopefully not break something else
Having the same issue during prime time EU. Tried Amasterdam and Frankfurt and just logged out and played something else for a few hours. I have had this issue in heist and ritual too. Have played POE for years using the same internet provider and never had a problem before heist.

EDIT: I know mine is a server issue, but it might be connected somehow since it started after that patch.
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