Huge stutter freeze after latest texture streaming fix update.

The fact that frame rate is bearable while killing enemies, until I engage with a ultimatum encounter is dumb. I dont see why these events should spawn so many mobs in such a short period of time that my frame rate goes to 5 for 20 seconds. Its like GGG designed this league mechanic for me to specficially avoid due to my cpu being older than some. Unless there is a way that hasnt been publicly posted to guarantee at least 60 fps at all times I am out of options that dont involve me spending ~$500.
not sure why this got doubled posted so ill just make it seem like it didnt happen by editing one
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So for me switching to Vulkan (which prior to latest texture hotfix as so much worse) helped quite a bit. Still stutter for few moments after entering new zone / map - but then it's quite okay. Problem is - some obnoxiously long loadings during zoning on Vulkan API. DX11 loads in like 2s, Vulkan - definitely over 5s.

Seriously GGG, fix this mess - neither API is optimal and dunno what specific changes you made in that hotfix but that totally gutted DX11 for me.

First you implement big rendering changes for league launch, then drop a ball hotfix just before weekend and freaking "later boys"... That's just so blunt...
I'm just leaving a comment here, to check if anyone from GGG replies.
Game is bricked for me as well with the new league.
It's so sad having such a bad performance, even on high end desktops/laptops. Annoying af, I'll might as well quit the game for now and join back once the performance is fixed.
I'm playing games to chill and relax, not to be pissed by the crappy performance of an 8 years old game. I hope POE2 will do far better on that front, but judging by the last few league releases I feel like I'll be disappointed.
Having the same issue. Hoping for some resolution if there is any. The problem might be with my ISP, however. Have contacted them via email but no response yet.
adding my name to the pile. can't play.
Same issue. Would like to play the league, currently can't with this problem.
might have the same issue, but perhaps not. +1 anyway.
GTX 1660 Ti - Game freezes constantly on DX11. Much better with Vulkan rendered, but not completely smooth either any more.
Same issue here, playing like a slideshow on a high-end PC. Wonderful.

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