Huge stutter freeze after latest texture streaming fix update.

What the actual fck have you done? I'm now getting fps freeze drops into single digits periodically and I see on indicator that my SSD is constantly reading shit.

Why it freaking reads shit of SSD if the game only uses 1.7GB of VRAM out of 4.0GB available? I literally can't play it right now because it periodically dips into single digits, which never been happening before....

What a fcked up league.... GGG pls, I'm outta patience with your stunts....

PS: and yes, I'm pissed as hell if you didn't notice, because your fix made the game unplayable for me.

Non stop drops like that, prior to update it was heavens better
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Same here.
Yeah, same here. Only needs a couple of monsters on screen and framerate+latency skyrockets and fps takes a massive dive. 5/7 patch.
They obviously screwed up smth with the patch every time I enter new area / map / encounter new mobs - instantly huge sutter freezes and SSD indicator lights on, meaning it's either reading smth or writing (while everything should be already loaded into VRAM!!!).

After I encounter "everything new" in zone / map - fps stabilizes and I no longer get drops... It almost feels like their fix is to wait for all texture streamer to complete - only then render the frame.. - which is BS not a fix.

I wrote to support - they told me they don't tech support. I'm not looking tho for tech support - I'm reporting on fcked up patch, because just yesterday my game ran totally fine (just some texture occasionally lagging to load - mostly inventory). After the patch - instant stutter fiesta.

Can a GGG person investigate this please? There must be smth wrong with that patch.
Bump - can someone from GGG look into this?
Bump the shit out of this. The last two updates have literally bricked the game for me, completely unplayable. Sometimes I'm able to play one map others I instantly get disconnected then the game eventually crashes on the title screen. Complete bullshit man the game was basically fine before yesterday and now I cant do shit.
same here. game freezes like crazy when i fight big packs of monsters. ive never had this happen before until this patch and its even worse in ultimatums because before this patch ultimatums didnt freeze at all but now they are impossible to do. im actually sad as fuck coz i wanna play so bad and i cant because the performance of this game is so garbage.
I am also having this issue. When I get into a new area the game stutters. It doesn't seem like regular lag, it's like my character is skipping around and then when I hit a mob it stops, lags, and then when it comes back I die. I just tried to do 3 maps and could not finish one (meaning I died until all the portals were gone). This has not happened to me once this league. I was having some texture issues before but it was nothing that killed me. Please fix this so I can play the game.
The hotfix is causing me the same constant stuttering issues everywhere, even when just idle in a town.

The only thing that has stopped the stuttering is setting Options -> UI -> Networking Mode = Predictive, instead of the default Auto. This is not a fix though because I get the slight rubber banding effect that comes with Predictive setting. But the stuttering that came with the hotfix makes the game unplayable.

Ofc nobody gives a damn jack... Why do even they do such things on league launch - first that iffy texture streaming implementation, now iffy fixes for that - tech support here is freaking dead. This game is becoming such an unbearable piss with all sorts of issues.

But ofc - the best strategy is to pretend you don't see problems.

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