3.14.1 Patch Notes Preview

Vergil259 wrote:
What about the cinderswallow (Avoid 50% stunned)? Seems like the movement speed was completely removed.

I think it was adressed in earlier ggg post, u have to divine it to get it back
I purchased both the Spark Spider MTX for Saqawals Tornado build, and Celestial Flameblast MTX for the Relic of the Pact. Is this just going to be a common trend of making purchaseable MTX unusable with skills after a week or two?

Will there be any plans to make it usable or in the future, or did I just waste money, and have to go through the refund process?
Fromhellrex wrote:
Harvest, now, as Breach and Abyss, are useless and a simple "skip" part of the game. This league is too hard on regular players, the rate of map drops is awful, well, I am not enjoying this game at this point, considering stop playing, and I am a supporter since 2012.

If you're skipping breach right now, you're missing out big time. If you play SSF then that's different but breach is pretty crazy right now, especially in Lira Arthain region with the flash breach passive notable. It's unreal and I won't be surprised if it's nerfed in the future. Once again we have a single region that feels head and shoulders above the rest. Last league it was Valdo's with the Harbingers, now it's Lira with both blight(and consistent blighted map drops) and the craziness that is flash breach.

Don't disagree with anything else you said though. Not a huge fan of the ultimatum mechanic in it's current state. The risk vs reward aspect felt GREAT while leveling through the acts, the rewards felt worth it and I had a lot of fun with it, got some awesome rares and such to help me level, even got a lifesprig early on in act 2 which was huge. It was still OK in early end-game mapping but now in the end-game T14+ map farming, it feels pretty bland honestly. The wave cap should be higher and the rewards should be increased to justify it. Sure, there's ways for a variety of builds to cheese there way through the mechanic but if you increased the wave cap, and the difficulty and density to go with it, it might bring back some semblance of challenge and thus would make sense if you buffed the reward potential a bit to go with it. Oh, and no one likes stone circles. It feels like a cheesy way to increase difficult, but if they're buffing rewards for stone circle ultimatums then we'll see.

As far as harvest goes, I was opposed to GGG nerfing it the way they did in a multi-pronged fashion. I think removing all tags from influenced mods would've been enough on it's own to dial things down a bit. I think it needs another balance pass. Is it still useful? Yes, for certain things like cluster jewels, curse on hit rings or elusive on boots for example. But overall, it feels far less useful but yet you still have to waste time to enter the grove and make sure there isn't something useful hidden in there. This was already a complaint within the community before harvest was nerfed, and it hasn't gotten any better after the nerfs. I think the mechanics surrounding harvest need a complete revamp and frankly, I'd rather they just remove it from future leagues until they can re-work it. Both in terms of balance and mechanics of how you access it and how many crafts can be stored.
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Increase the chance of finding Aug and T4 seed
Quitting this league after 2 days was a right call.
Texture streaming? When will this be fixed?

Right now the game performs worse than a lot of games in beta and that will probably scare off new players that decide to try it out.
where are the tweeks to rewards ?(you know what you get a t16 ulti ? nothing, ,nada) where are the fix for texture ? where are the new real drop rates % ? the game has been ninja nerfed, the economy is messed up but this is what you guy come up with ?

Slowing down the game ? you killed it. few player will endure this and all this during a pandemic? backstabing the last fun i had...

this is coming from someone who play a LOT.
lmao those patch notes. what a joke
How about something like
"Fixed a bug that made Harvest completely useless" ?
Up until this league only thing that hurt by playing PoE was my hand (and my GPU i guess) but now my heart also hurts.

You not only released league that is a complete mess with all the performance, texture issues and may weird bugs but you also introduced bugs that were already fixed, like leap slamming into a wall. I have no idea what happend, is it Ultimatum76 ?

Thanfully this is a league with no splinters but for the love of god if you do not fix thae clicking issues there is no way i will play the game, it is physically impossible to play for more than 1,5H before it gets uncomfortable.

It is double frustrating when i run couple maps and click 76534293 times to pick up random stuff and then going to delve and seing how azurite just flows to the inventory. Just, just why? You have a system in one mechanic that is great but you choose to ignore everything else.

At least some pick up radius would be nice but honestly loking how people can play the game in China and comparing this to what we have is just sad:(

I hope you learn something from this league and start to implement changes that PLAYERS want. You can no longer ingnore the performance and clicking issue if you want your game to continue.
I just hope that some day i would be able to play the game without pain.

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