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Summoning Ancient Viking Skeletons.

Instead of using the default cast animation, make an exclusive horn blowing animation just for this MTX.

Accompanied by the deep sound of the horn, skeletons crawl out from the ground, with blue fire glowing in their empty eye sockets.

I think it's gonna be a cool MTX.
White Dragon Cyclone (dragon spin cyclone)
an actual bomb for frost bomb
Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition, is followed by madness.
+1 for sharknado and/or catnado cyclone
Giant spiked wrecking ball which will affected by weapon effects for luminous trail.
Sharknado would be a instabuy from me.
A Bat/vampire themed skill

A Harvest themed skill that the base are root attacks plus Firefly effects

A mushroom skill plus worms everywhere

rainbow reave

prism/dark storm burst

slicing storm burst
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Goose Golems

Because peace was never an option.
I personally play a lot of Blight/Death's Oath (once each league) and would love another (Vaal)Blight MTX. Would really like to see a version with carrion vines.

Can you MTX the Minion Instability node to change your minion's explosion similar to a Herald effect? That would be a pretty cool addon.

E: updated punctuation
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