Community Designed Microtransaction - Theme Suggestions

Black Hole Cyclone. Works fine with Vaal Cyclone
sharknado, pls make it happen
I'd love to see something nature related, a green cyclone of leaves in a wind cutting up mobs. Throw in a few rocks too.
Rainnbow nyan cat w/ sparkle effects pretty please
Nerf cyclone mtx.
You see a swirl of red down arrows floating around you as you spin as well as a floating head of Chris Wilson laughing.
I would suggest a White Feather themed cyclone just like Veritania's feathers with a bit of Angelic touch
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I mean, all people will see is the CoC effects anyways =P
Cyclone with Cows flying around you like in the 1996 movie Twister!!

*Mic drop*
Last edited by Exlander on Apr 25, 2021, 5:22:39 PM
If the poe world had donuts and ice cream, I would like donuts and ice cream cyclone or meatballs and spaghetti. Maybe im just hungry...
Cyclone Cyclone, a primarily ground effect cloud swirls around the character (who is in the eye of the storm) with moderate transparency. Could leave the ground wet after you stop channeling, and blow around the interactable foliage. Maybe flashes of lightning as it increases in stage?
*You call into the void. You hear a sound in the distance.*
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