Community Designed Microtransaction - Theme Suggestions

oh god I am getting winter orb and soul rend flashbacks. Is this a confirmed nerf to make cyclone completly unviable like the earlier mentioned skills?
Uh.... Catnado?
A merry-go-round could be cool, if it got progressively more detailed with each stage of cyclone?
I've got a +1 for 'reverse' cyclone (spin player around centered weapon) and sharknado. I'd also love a unique 'Golden Wind' sorta deal with a Midas effect on corpses, if possible.

Nothing quite as satisfying as turning enemies into a nice sheen of metallic golden goo. If I could have that overwrite other 'kill' effects like burning or freezing/shattering, i'd love it. May end up boosting performance, as well, depending on effort put into it.
FreezardB wrote:
Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil theme. It makes a funny race car sound and every once in a while you see random limbs fly out from the center.

Thank you, love this one.
"Oblique satire is the only avenue of truth remaining in the wake of compliance masquerading as mandatory civility"
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Tornado cyclone!
Sharknado would be fun

And a Feeding Frenzy - Shark mtx to go with it.
Its hilarious and satisfying now seeing the 1% and streamers on reddit now complaining about harvest. Where were they when the casuals were worried about the changes. Oh that's right, they were on their high horses under the impression the changes were not going to affect them, so screw average Joe.

Casuals new that getting their 1-3 harvest spawns a week (yes that's right a week because we have lives, we have jobs) in the hopes of incrementally improving their gear by happily landing on a T2 mod was going to be a huge loss to progression. Now that the changes are 'that bad' its affecting the 1% they all come crawling out of the woodwork.

ggg, do not make any changes just because the 1% are now also complaining, leave it as is. Leave it as it with no one watching privilege streamers complain about harvest with their twitch viewers decimated because no one is watching them because they now have pleb gear like the rest of us.

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