Community Designed Microtransaction - Theme Suggestions

Caged_Spleen wrote:
Your character spins on there head and uses their feet like a monk/ breakdancer!!!!

"The key to winning any fight is simply staying alive."
Minions based on the Forest Spirits from Ghibli Animations
This one might be more problematic to create, but would be fitting -

The Cyclone effect picks up the bodies/parts of the monsters you kill. The higher the stage, the more bodies and bigger pieces will be spinning around your character. Call it the Death Storm effect.

If that is too tough to make than I vote +1 for Swirling Shrieking Bats. As the Cyclone gains stages, there would be more bats and at peak stage there would be some bigger blood red bats.
PoE Origins - Piety's story
Clock Cyclone - the weapon or weapons are the hands of the clock and the spinning aura is time passing.
Sharknado needs to happen
You should probably make Cyclone end game viable again before making it pretty. Right?
회오리 바람
녹색 나무잎이 휘날리고
또한 땅(바닥)에서 새싹이 땅을 뚫고 나오는 회오리 바람 이면 참 예쁠꺼 같습니다.

GGG did not forget about the problems? About the fact that there are no normal harvest recipes? They simply cannot be found, I have not found anything in a week. About textures? About harvesting? and about many other things? It's just that their silence is not clear.
Tranquility style cyclone.
Red: With fire and brimstone
Green: With tendrils and swirls
Blue: With arcane looking symbols and mana
Purple: with mist and void orbs
Two Dragons that chase eachother, and wings that get bigger with each stage

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