Community Designed Microtransaction - Theme Suggestions

Loading screen theme?
Change the hideout loading screen?
Change the mapping loading screen?
Classic/Original Discharge MTX, the new visuals aren't good enough
Last edited by Voltaxic on Apr 25, 2021, 7:00:46 PM

Or a music box Balerina.
My "theme" suggestion is that you make MTXs usable on more than one skill.
Breakdancing Windmills

Lumberjack Saw Mill

Your weapon turns to Einhar.
The Sharknado suggestion is pretty good. To flesh it out:

The "tornado" portion could be an alteration of the Windstorm/tornado effect already in game, a tall twister centered on the character. Size can scale pretty easily with player AoE.

The "shark" portion is very simple. Fish/shark fins popping up on the edges/in the center, or even "coming out of the ground".
Get laid, get paid, drink Gatorade.
I'm so tired of cyclone.
Cyclone that spews out various types of boot.
Big up to Jeff and the console team.
kole wrote:
Original Freezing Pulse & Ice Spear as mtx

So much this! And Ice Nova.
I think the old school cartoon fight cloud would be a great alt effect for cyclone.

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