20 Users Banned for Exploit Abuse

Lmao life isn't fair AMIRITE.

Good job Triple3XG, now if you could ban texture streaming too, nice league btw.
Rulky wrote:
Im so Glad To Hear This !!!!! I hope oyu keep the Ban PERMANENT even if they guys who abuse and cheat are famous or POPULAR STREAMERS .

Btw you should notice you give queuque priority in the league lauch to people who are just cheater and exploiters ... this is just a note in the wind... YEAH IM TALKING ABOOUT [Removed by Support] AND HIS PARTY .

Hungarian exploit army :)
i have not seen the mirror drop in ten years of playing PoE! maybe it's time ?
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kamidak wrote:
what was the timeline of the event...
The "hated group" report it first or was someone else? For me, far i'ven playing games this is not such thing for long ban... i was waiting for a entire account/bank (g bank) wiped like many others game did...
...i think was last league where the mirror shard was 100% drop in the Temple lvl3 currency box and none was punished cuz of that.

Anyway is my opnion and i respect GGG decision but still, can you guys share the "event order" from begin?

Dunno about first, but on Reddit [Removed by Support] claimed to've discovered it on stream, reported it immediately, and then did it 3 more times to see how crazy it could get...
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bazokalol wrote:
Solo playing = zero drop in ultimatum

yea its sad.. i was hipped but now im not even motivated .. the league concept is amazing .. .but theres basically as you said 0 drop this league as solo player
Only temporal ban? Nice way to promote cheating.
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Good. Now, this I can agree with. Finally, GGG is standing up for what's right and upholding the integrity of the game. And to be honest, certain streamers and their teams were most likely a part of the reason why all the league mechanics that were worth doing had to be ruined in the first place to level the playing field. No more ruining the economy for the rest of everyone.

Oh and talk about karma, when just a couple days prior a certain popular PoE streamer was making insensitive comments about life not being fair. I had no problem with the comments at first but it was the way they said it and their facial expressions as if they were smug about it and like they're some elitist who doesn't care that they get to play first and others don't. Now they can see how fair life really is for themselves. It's about time also considering they've exploited other mechanics in the past as well.

I still don't agree with any of these 3.14 changes and personally think they are awful and make the game worse but at least GGG is punishing people who are cheating/exploiting the game.
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I just want to say that this is the worst league ever. I'm disappointed.
Great move, Heist contract splitting was left to destroy league economy, here hopefully its going to be different.
Good job GGG, I really respect this decision, finally they meet a Justice, but they Should get a Perma ban. Karma is beautiful
DieAbolicaL wrote:
if an exploit exists its on the devs not the players. bans are too harsh

Well, no. And you don't make the rules, GGG does. Thankfully.

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