New Microtransactions: Ultimatum Brimmed Hat, Crucible Hideout and Maven's Astrolabe Map Device

MaximGorkij wrote:

Actually, that's the Incursion Brimmed Hat... and one of my favorites. :D
hekate1 wrote:
Either start moving on or decide this game is no longer for you

Nah just play the game for free and treat them exactly how they just treated us. Under valued, and under appreciated. No more support, no more benefit of the doubt from me at least.

If you like giving companies money regardless of how they act, or how they treat their customers, you do you, but don't pin those crappy ideals on anyone else.

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
- Abraham Lincoln
Dont buy any mtx
Do you know that "fortifications" with "The Vigil Crimson Jewel", no longer have "duration" is a bug? Or did you decide to make a "gift" to HC players?
after all, the patch did not say anything about the fact that now the "duration" does not work. You are great.

maybe just add 100% penetration to all monsters?
What about no? You are't deserving.
dont have servers to let people play, bring same content 2 season in a row but keep asking for supp.
give more attention for gameplay, not for mtx.
DarkenX wrote:
Ignore all the children screaming for something they'll never get. Just keep doing good work, GGG MTX Team. You're not responsible for server maintenance nor are you top-shelf administration.

Keep up the good work, MTX Crew! And you, too, Forum Mods! No one should have to deal with all this hot garbage being thrown your way.

not even 1 mtx supporter pack buyer btw.
Last edited by notrealife on Apr 19, 2021, 5:37:38 PM
C'mon guys. Don't act like the GGG caused third world war.
Shit happens. We all do mistakes.
I mean, GGG already has 50 million in profits last year but couldn't keep the servers up on launch day.

Legit question, how many more MTX until we can have a smooth launch day? Has not been smooth in over a year....
Neat, but Im waiting for the sale on storage tabs.

I know you could buy character space, like always, in the beginning of the league. How bout you put storage tabs on sale in the beginning aswell.

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