New Microtransactions: Ultimatum Brimmed Hat, Crucible Hideout and Maven's Astrolabe Map Device

Finaly I can have this beautiful hideout. But GGG goes more - awesome map device for me in my new HO. Well done. Thanks!

Прежде чем просить разработчика free-to-play игры решить Ваши проблемы с производительностью - убедитесь в том, что с Вашей стороны сделано всё возможное для комфортной игры.

Ждун озвучки 2.6|3.0|.1|.2|.3|.4|.5|.6|.7|.8|.9|.10|.11(лёд тронулся?)|.12.13.14...
ggg nice
SaintSoLo wrote:
Geez man.. The celestial effects have really just taken over the entire mtx scene.. I get that they're time again the top sellers, but like.. they were also once not even a thing?

How about we experiment and try to find the next big thing?

i second that.

i personally like the visuals of Glimmerwood Sunder Effect
as well as the Harlequin Portal Effect;
both offer nice a distinct colour from the usual dark-red-purple stuff +
the cubes on the portal are not another hole like most portals .

Celestial feels like dust in front of a Lava-Lamp or LED-tree, and yeah - overused .
like a great song, that gets ruined when it gets played 6 times per hour by every radio-station
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Love the map device
IGN RighteousRom LvL-100 Juggernaut
Mirror Drop T-14 Shrine
Sending a support message to GGG because I personally don't care at all about the streamer queue skipped (I'm actually glad I could watch my streamer play when I was on the queue who actually last less then 2 hours) and about the servers problems well,I'm playing online video game since I'm 13 I'm now 30, I know how easy it can get to have problems with servers,even if you double or triple check and do a lot of test befaure the launch, there is alway some problem that may occur, they send us excuse and they explain what was the problem, the day after the launch at didn't have problem anymore and I do think that in average they are very few problems of this kind.

To the peoples who couldn't play in good condition the first day, if you are more then 16/17 years old, I find your life miserable, whinning that much because you couldn't play the game the first day is pathetic.
Back in my day (ex world of warcraft patch day) we litterally had days,sometimes WEEKS where the servers were down or very laggy,bearly unplayable,seeing you crying because you can't play in perfect condition the first day of a big launch is laughtable.

I really hope that most of whinning peoples are less then 16 years olds, otherwhise I think you sould grow up, think about life and all the problem that we can have and relativize, is it a big deal if I can play a video game 1 day?
Are they doing it on purpuse.

To the end, I'm having a blast this league so far, I'm now playing a scion spellslinger reap/exanguinate and I never had so much fun,I like the new like mechanics so far and the rework done to old mechanics look very nice to me so far.

I personally keep buying support pack and MTX because it's a lot of fun to have them and it's not that much compare to all the fun I can have because of this game!

Hope you don't care too much about the crying baby devs(you souldn't if you are adult) and thx you a lot for the game, pleaze continue to give us good fun, your game is Awesome!
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the day the harvest returns to what it was and the league launches are not pathetic, I will buy MTX again :D
Ghostseer wrote:
Couple more MTX posts to help push your shame off the front page.


*rings bell*

They explained why they put streamers in priority queue and it makes sense considering the monetary investment. 10-20 people out of ALL the PoE players isn't going to change anything so people need to relax.
Friends of streamers is a different story though.

The crappy launch is another thing but that was unintended of course.

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