Ultimatum Launch: Server Issues and Streamer Priority

SuperDumbo wrote:
This is how Karma works. GGG was too greedy nerfing Harvest. Angry players cursed them, completely destroying GGG's launch day. Their beloved streamers who didn't get the money will "remember" this launch for a looooong time. Destroying GGG's reputation even more in the future.

I ran into harvest in standard in between crashes already and all I’ve got to say about it now is: ha ha!!!

There are like 2 mods per crop and it’s mostly crap. There are a bunch of crops so it’s just crap times 3 or times 4.
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I can’t buy any more big supporter packs because the forum only supports showing 7 legacy tags.
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dont buy u know what ı mean
I'm glad you managed to fix the issues. And also think that all decisions made on your end were well thought of, even the streamer queue.
It is obvious you guys are putting a lot of work into i and it is appreciated!

It is my opinion that people should try and be more patient with you guys as since the game has been FREE TO PLAY for close to a decade.

Keep up the good work!

Congratulations Exile! You have earned a .05% increase in RNG luck for the next 14 days. To graduate to the next earning level you need 2 more supporter pacs at the 60$ level or higher! /s !/s
Emfx wrote:
Thanks for taking the time to write this up, I'm sure you guys have been busier than ever.

The biggest issue I had with queue bypass was: why were the streamer's friends, who either do not stream or have insignificant influence on marketing, also able to bypass the queue, such as Empyrian's group, ZiggyD's girlfriend, etc.?

Also, reset the league.

Edited to add now that some replies have come in:

The overwhelming majority of replies both here (easily 90%+) and on the subreddit are calling for a complete rollback and reset of the league when the fix is implemented.

You say you strive for a fair and level playing field on new leagues? Then put your money where your mouth is instead of empty words, and provide that to your players.

Oh, and look into the duped currency. Some dude is allegedly linking stacks of Exalted Orbs in chat on Ultimatum already.

I'd rather keep the five minutes I was able to play than have somebody else lose their forty
I would like to throw my voice into the ring and suggest NOT restarting this league. I understand the frustration of others who were unable to make any significant progress, but there are probably quite a few out there who won't speak up and would be just as angered by a reset.

No one probably cared but I was able to get fairly lucky through all the DCs. Managed to push to Act 5, had a Tabula drop on Ledge and another in Lab. Had several Chaos drop so I could get some decent +1 phys spell wands. And was even able to sell some Vaal skill gems.

I'm sure there are others who have also been lucky that would not prefer a reset. I'm not trying to minimize the arguments FOR resetting the league, but I wanted to throw my voice into the ring. Would I have been in favor of a reset had I not been "lucky"? Probably not, but I can't say for certain.
cesmode wrote:
Im at a loss for words.

I could care less about the technical, it happens. Albeit, you are years into your game and still have issues like this?


The streamer priority is what disgusts me completely. Its one thing for a developer to say "Hey heres some money, play 2 hours, sponsored stream". Its another to pay big streamers money, who already play your game, and give them priority in a crisis. And I could be wrong but I dont think I saw a '#ad' in any title. I could be wrong, but you paid, they played, they got in priority, and no one knew they were being paid. At least I didnt.

This is honestly the first time Im hearing that streamers are being paid to play at your league launches (all to hype up your game and get viewership). Or maybe Im oblivious to titles. Continuing with that thought, it is now NOT far fetched to say that you up their streamer RNG / loot drops. Its all been a meme up until now, but its very viable. All the big loot drops and lucky drops that streamers get...up for debate now as legit or not? Since you can clearly manipulate specific accounts into 'privelage'.

Again, others may be in the know more than me knowing that streamers were being paid by GGG to play the game. I didnt know that. Knowing that, with the priority they were given, and the potential for their loot to be upped in the interest of content... I really dont want to play path of exile. And it could be a hard pass for me on POE2.

Guys, we give other developers so much shit for dropping the ball on their launches due to technical. GGG had both a major technical issue and a PR issue. I have loved POE for years as seen by my supporter pack purchases. But this is a tough one to swallow.

And lastly, while this isnt something im advocating for... people have been screaming for a reset. Def ears. Its too late now. But yesterday 1-2 hours into the league would have been the best. Downtime IS ok GGG. You could have fixed your server issues, reset the league, removed the priority and gotten in front of this PR nightmare.

Logging off of POE for a while, perhaps until next league or POE2. I dont even know. Taking my time and $$ elsewhere for a bit.

For anyone that would take the time to attack my post, that would be unfortunate. You have the right to feel completely at home with their action and explanations. I have the right to voice my displeasure. I don't care about the technical issues. I do care about the streamer priority. Ive dumped loads of money into this game and simply because Im not a streamer, my time and money is invalid or less valued than a streamer. :(

yeah, the "technical" is something that happened in 50% of leagues - so wouldn't be a surprise for this one too

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OneShot1Kill wrote:
I've been reading through this post and speaking for myself I want to see a RESET!

I'm a very, very, very casual player these days, I came to POE because of the great Blizzard Diablo Mobile drama and never looked back. Over those years I still suck badly at playing POE, but I love this game.

For me this is the first league start where I got in at the beginning of the league since we are all mostly working remote. I even arranged to take some vacation time so I could get off work work 4 hours early just so I could start playing at launch. For the first time since I started playing at the end of Delve league I was really actually making progress and to have it all blow up and go down the drain because of the explained issues sucks.

However this was not my fault or the fault of the community and since the vast majority of the community seem to want agree that a reset/restart is needed I add my 2 cents and request that we reset/restart this league so we all start on equal ground.


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