Ultimatum Launch: Server Issues and Streamer Priority

reset the league.
REstart league please
glad u allowed streamers to keep playing - gives us something to watch
Keep up the good work! Seems to have been an honest mistake with allowing some to get queue prio.
why can't i access the website when you update your game?
Fuckery is a perfect word that describes the state of this in the past 2-3 years. You make "mistakes" every launch and you have sheeps that defend you on constant bases. I was done supporting you guys a while back and i clearly made the right decision as you are going downhill with your decisions and "fixes" that do more harm than good to you and your name.
Nice start league, mmany people buy Support pack, and GGG not buy better servers? Give players some reward for 12 hours errors? Ty GGG
How about you restart the league and give everyone a fair chance since you botched this league so terribly
I would like to ask a very simple question.

Knowing that you are able to flag streamer accounts to skip queues, what reason do I have to believe that you have not flagged them for other things?

StreamerRNG and others being the concern here.
The 2 essential points of this post are:
- Don't expect a reset
- Expect a fucked economy worse than we've ever seen before for the rest of the league

well done.

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