Ultimatum Launch: Server Issues and Streamer Priority

you got this
Let's translate :

"Blablabla we made a lot of poor decisions because of money, because we love money, money is great, and our players are just a bunch of moneymaking apes.

The launch is ruined, but it's ok because streamers have now a massive advantage and will be able to showcase how fun it is to play path of exile. And it will be good money, you know ? Because yeah, we love money. Money is great."
Owning the mistake is the first step. But still difficult to forgive.

GGG’s good will is running thin.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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"will not allow streamers to bypass the login queue in the future."

The thing about integrity is that once it is gone, you really cannot get it back.

Bla bla bla. If I knew it will be so sweet league start I will not take off day from work... Thanks ggg
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so if you want to be fair : restart the league ;)
Too long, didn't read. Maybe have a streamer read it out to us mere mortals
trust is fucked how can we believe any further fuckery
Hang in there :)

Server issues are not always logical and you have no doubt kept working since launch so ignore all those "boos" and "revert league" posts.

The member of positive fanbase
tech issues is hard to fix and I can understand that, and thank you for the take on streamer prios.

Before this posts it's a nightmare. People in twitch chat are fuming (including me,yes.) because of this. This is you guys to blame and glad that there will be no priority next time.
Sad to see some names are holding this priority and quote "Life isn't fair" and telling chat to suck it up.

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