Extremely Slow Queue Processing

fix my account ggg pog


i guess we now know for a fact that streamer rng is a real thing, seriously. :(
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While you're waiting to get into the game, please take some time to visit the PoE store and buy the brand new supporter packs.

Thank you for your support xD
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was place 1687 and after get the quicksilver flask and back in town the server kicks me complete out of the game. Thanks for nothing. go and find good networkadmins. so much money for shitty clothing...or whatever. go out and gain more servercapacity for first two or three days.ggg can say what they want for these are no excuses. i come from IT and know what i'm talking about.
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Worst league start ever... didn't read anything about the LoginQueue-Nerf in your patch notes. How the HELL is it even possible to go BACKWARDS in the queue while waiting???
let me in, i am streamer
Err0r404 wrote:
Streamer-Privileg sucks! srsly, we are the guys who pay for mtx...

true! this move from GGG disgusting
We play video games to leave our shitty society for a little while, not watch it be replicated as special care is given to the few who seem to matter most to your wallets as marketing agents (the streamers), vs those who actually do pay for your game (the rest of the actual players).
Whatever you just did made it even slower to get into the queue.
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another day
another bugs
another "we work about it"

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