[3.14] "Budget" aura-stacker / semi-aurabot

NOT for league start. Must prepare ALL the gears including jewels and gems before starting this build. Use some other build (ex: Storm Brand) to AT LEAST LEVEL 92 before slapping on all the aura stacking gears.

I have not updated this showcase for 3.15. After the patch, the DPS of midbudget is only about 6M and I don't know if the build is worth the investment. The cast speed will be a lot slower than what it used to be due to the support gem nerfs (Arcane Surge support no longer grants cast speed and Awakened Spell Echo also got nerfed hard). There are a couple options I am thinking right now. (1) Ditch the build as the cost-effectiveness of the build is no longer there. (2) Switch to Ascendant (Necro + Raider for cast speed and Frenzy charges) and sacrifice EHP. (3) Maintain Guardian as main class but recommend higher budget RMR jewels (RMR + ES + Cast Speed instead of RMR + ES). I am leaning towards just ditching the build at low budget.

tldr: Hi.

Hi, first time writing.
This is a showcase for those who want to play semi-aurabot that can solo farm most content.
With 3.14 nerfs to First Among Equals and Replenishing Presence, budget version of aura-stacker almost seemed impossible. However, with a couple changes, I think aura-stacker is still viable. Considering budget, guardian is a superior choice over scion (due to aura effectiveness in its ascendancy tree).

What is still possible as a budget aura-stacker/semi-aurabot?

Low budget (https://pastebin.com/LhsCdc34)
Mid Budget (https://pastebin.com/Bncvx6uj)

Low Budget
Aura Effectiveness of 250+%
14 Auras
3.7k+ ES + 90 All Res

Mid Budget
Aura Effectiveness of 250+%
15 Auras
4.5k+ ES + 90 All Res
10M+ DPS

Spell Selection

tldr: (1) EK (2) Arc

EK is the best choice and is balanced in terms of single target and clear. Make sure your Watcher's Eye jewel has 35%+ Phys to Light Conversion with Wrtath.

Arc is not as good because it is not a proj/aoe gem. Thus, we cannot make use of intensity mechanic and cannot use proj/aoe corruptions on Shav.

Other candidates were Spark, Winter Orb, and Crackling Lance.

Winter Orb is not as good because we have lower portion of lightning damage relative to cold damage. Thus, double dipping damage from Nebulis becomes less effective.

Crackling Lance is interesting. It has built in intensity mechanic and we can support it with intensify. Thus we double dip from the intensity mechanic and the single target damage is pretty much 2x the Spark or EK at max intensity. However, its clear is very limited (the beam pretty much has width of a single ice spear projectile).

Spark is also a candidate; however, since Spark needs Malevolence, you will most likely need more RMR from jewels.

Passive Tree

tldr: Refer to POB

One difference with other aura-stacking builds is the use of Pinpoint Support Gem with Intensity Notable on passive tree. 3 points spent toward Intensity Notable gives 10+% MORE dps.

If your main spell is Arc, Pinpoint support and Intensity passive notable will not work. You should change to a different support gem and to another notable (my suggestion is Cracking Speed).

Low Budget Details



General: All corruptions on gears are optional. If you are getting corruptions, aim for cast speed on Maligaro gloves and CotB Rings.

Belt: Use a cheap rare crystal belt with Strength, ES, and Chaos Res. If purchasing mana reservation jewel is a problem, use stygian vise with ES and use a RMR abyss jewel.

Boots: This is where we can be a little more creative. Stampede boots with Crystal Skin anointment for +1 max res. Stampede boots has decent amount of ES and evasion, which we are stacking through aura and gears.


General: The jewels are going to cost you the most currency.

Large Cluster Jewels:
Since we are on budget, we are going to use 3x Cold Damage Large Clusters. Despite nerfs, Snowstorm and Vengeful Commander are must. We want random 3rd passive on these clusters and as the last suffix, chaos resistance is a solid choice.

Medium Cluster Jewels:
We need the following passives:
6x First Among Equals or Replenishing Presence
(We no longer need Sublime Form to use all our auras; thus, we now have 6 FAE or RP instead of 5.)
2x Purposeful Harbinger
1x Pure Aptitude
1x Pure Guile
1x Pure Might
1x Self Control

These can be distributed over 6x 6 Passive Aura Stack Medium Clusters.
Suffixes in priority: Strength (unless enough from belt), Chaos Res, All Attributes, Intelligence, Life Regen, then Mana Regen.

Other Jewels:
1. Corrupted Blood Corruption on Might of the Meek (corruption is optional but relatively cheap)
2. Silence Corruption on Unnatural Instinct (corruption is optional but almost no difference in price vs. uncorrupted one)
3. Watcher's Eye for EK or Spark (corruption is optional)
4. EK or Spark Threshold Jewel with 1% reduced mana reservation (corruption is a MUST but relatively cheap)
5. 3x RMR Cobalt Jewels with %ES (3 of 5 Jewels need 1% reduced mana reservation) Additional mods which are good: Cast speed, Spell dmg, Crit chance
6. Conqueror's Efficiency with 1% reduced mana reservation (corruption is optional if 4 of 5 cobalt jewels have 1% reduced mana reservation)
7. Poacher's Aim with 1% reduced mana reservation (corruption is a MUST but relatively cheap)

Mid Budget Details (Read Low Budget First)



- Replaced Herald of Ice with Herald of Purity
- Replaced Bastion of Hope Ascendancy with Radiant Crusade Ascendancy

Idea: Using EK summons Herald of Purity minions which synergizes with Radiant Crusade Ascendancy for 10% more damage. We lose some attack and spell block but Bastion hope isn't up 100% of the time whereas Radiant Crusade has more consistent uptime.
However, if you are having issues with survival, I recommend using Herald of
Ice with Bastion of Hope Ascendancy for freeze and block mechanics.

Upgrade items from Low Budget POB:
1) Doryani boots with +2 aoe or +2 aura corruption
2) Anomalous arrogance support gem
3) Unnatural Instinct jewel
4) Grace aura

The mechanics is to use the aura effect from arrogance support on triple purities such that the purities give 90 max res.

Now you want to start getting cast speed corruptions on Call of the Brother hood rings and Maligaro gloves. 9% cast speed on these 3 items is nearly on par with Ascendant Necromancer Ascendancy points.

Sample Itemization (Old - Better to follow POB)

tldr: Refer to POB

These are my gears. Some of them are NOT budget but I will mention budget items which you can swap. Current peak DPS with flasks up and without vaal RF is 25M and 5.7k ES.

Make sure you have fire damage to spells somewhere (for Cinderswallow flask). I used Nebulis with fire dmg to spells but another good source is an abyss jewel.

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Any pob?
Phantuke wrote:
Any pob?


This is with no awakened support gems and no corrupted equipment. I didn't change flasks or jewels because I'm lazy.
It is 11M dps with 4.5k ES and 90 capped res running 14 Auras including aspect.

As for improved gear, just import my character on POB. Should be public.

Im looking for a build like yours for this season, how do you level it? wich skill/supps and do you have an orientative tree for level 60-70?

Goonx wrote:
Im looking for a build like yours for this season, how do you level it? wich skill/supps and do you have an orientative tree for level 60-70?


I am sure that this cannot be a league starter, but what I suggest is you start as a storm brand templar if league starting. Any other guide should work. You'll need to do a full respec once you have collected all items and you have character levelled to 93 (we will put points into Intensity and Retribution later as we go from 93 to 97).
Why not Headhunter? Or aspect of the spider is that important?
Corruption on jewel for mana reservation does not stack.
Davoscs wrote:
Why not Headhunter? Or aspect of the spider is that important?

Headhunter works but it isn't really "cheap". I mean the build is already expensive to be a limited budget build but HH just going to further increase cost. Also, we are not self cursing and the HH buff won't last that much. I do own a HH and I tried HH but it is mediocre. Most useful thing from HH is the occasional movement speed buff but we can take care of it with a flask. Rare belt with no resistances but just chaos res and strength is cheap. Crafting Aspect is also cheap. You can choose a different aspect but in terms of non-burst DPS and survival, spider was the choice for me. Avian also may work depending on if you like the cycling of the buffs (I personally don't).

Corruption on jewel for mana reservation does not stack.

I went through patch notes again and there is no mentioning of this. My character in standard stacks mana reservation jewels fine and works fine. Other aura stacking guides are not mentioning any changes regarding this. Check your resource for your claim and post again.
Corruption on jewel for mana reservation does not stack.

One maybe stupid question: why Maligaro as Gloves?

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