Celestial Toxic Rain Effect

Maybe related to texture streaming and thats why they are not fixing it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Just bought this on the sale and am getting spammed with white boxes all over the screen. Really unfortunate that this is on the current sale and I didn't see this thread before buying it. :(
same happens to me,it is very annoying.i really like the MTX,fixed it,pls!
lemonpopplar wrote:
I deleted the cache from Vulcan and the Minimap folder and it has improved a lot. I would say I have reduced it by 90%, I don't know why but give it a go.

Thanks for sharing this.i deleted the Minimap folder, and moved the ShaderCacheD3D11 folder to other location just in case may need it back, then ran the Packcheck.exe.

seems all good for now.

Edit:still happens,but much less.
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When will it be fixed?
Got that issue as well... really annoying. Please get a fix going or let us refund this MTX - i actually bought it at league start solely for this league
Same issue - casuing nursea. White squeres. First thought my monitor is broken. Can i refund it ?
This is still happening, and this is unacceptable honestly. i payed money to get flashbanged every time i use this skill. i really like the MTX but this has to be fixed asap.

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Edit: so i get censored for speaking my mind without insulting anyone or anthing... nice
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Just bought this MTX and like everyone else its unusable. Why is this still not fixed.

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