Celestial Toxic Rain Effect

I'm getting the same visual bug when using that MTX. It is annoying.
Same problem here, that make the spell unplayable with Celestial MTX. I found turning Engine Multithreading to disable turn off white box, but turn off FPS too :D
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Hello, it is the same for me.
Thanks for your reports, we'll get it fixed.
Same thing here.
it is very sad that I can't use the effect right now.

If its not easy/fast to fix at least give us a refund so we can spend it on other MTX
Glad I found this thread, I thought it was background programs causing this. I'm sure GGG will get it fixed very quickly
Please, this MTX is unusable at the moment with white box spamming.
Nav_GGG wrote:
Thanks for your reports, we'll get it fixed.

Hello ? any news ? it's been 4 days now...

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