Celestial Toxic Rain Effect

Same issue is happening to me. Can we please get a fix for this. This is awful.
Really nice mtx, but feels like i am being stabbed in the eye while playing.
Any update in fixing this issue?
Never read bug fixes with this much anticipation before. Very disappointed this wasn't fixed still. Anyone tried to get it refunded successfully? Kinda feels like ill be done with TR before this is fixed
I've already bought this and I can confirm that boxes appear... Never been dissapointed like that after buyin a skin...
Yikes. if this continues, they should put a seizure trigger warning on this skill effect. :(
still not working. They should offer a refund if it doesn't work.
just bought celestial tr and got flashbanged
Same here as well, apparently it causes white boxes for party members who are in the same map as me as well.

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