Path of Exile: Ultimatum Announcements and Path of Exile 2 Showcase

cant wait to fail at making a bleed build!

get sad becuase it doesnt work, then go back to minion builds!
skills Needs Rework:
Raise Specter, Raise Zombie.
So MUCH MOAR BLOAT but nothing on whether our current PAID for stash tabs can accommodate the new bloats!!!!!

Also, no mention on whether past BLOATS that are:
|| Currency that doesn't go into the currency tab
|| Frags that don't go into the frag tab

What the bloatin hell.

RIP harvest my sweet precious, rest in pieces as the north remembers.

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Went on a hike today and came back to something amazing to watch with dinner!

Really enjoyed all the reworked rewards. I honestly didn't expect it.

I was hoping for items to stack, such as splinters for less clicking, but didn't expect it so can't really be disappointed on that one.

Supporter packs both look nice. I like how you can use any weapon for the skin. I'll most likely snag the Silver Crescent one for myself in a few days, I feel it fits nicely into the aesthetic of the game the best of the two.

League looks interesting and I'm sure will make me hate my greed.

I didn't see the ZiggyD Q&A video as a stand alone video, maybe that one will be up later.

I do really like this format more, where you do the live stream and show us the bulk at once, rather than small teases for weeks on reddit.

Looking forward to the new league, and hope you guys are considering putting things in bigger stacks for less clicking and wrist pain.

Oh yeah, PoE 2 was looking amazing on everything but the overuse of changing bolts voice line.
cgexile wrote:
PoE2 looks great. Key word there is: looks. From an aesthetics and attention to animation detail it looks awesome.

Edit: spears? No no no that is basically a javelin based on the gameplay!! ... and most welcome! Javazon coming soon.

Until you get to maps in PoE2 and its 80% PoE1 maps :/
Australian Summoner-Main
meh.. that is how I feel about this..

just.. meh..
generally dangerous
I am very excited about the upcoming changes and league.

Giving rewards to all players will make the league mechanic work in parties better and that is a big benefit for people who miss partying with random players in diablo 2 or certain path of exile leagues (cough cough). Also making alva temples saved for later is a step in the right direction to making other content more party friendly by saving solo based reward stuff for later. I understand it takes time to adapt other leagues in the same party friendly manner as alva temple maps and so just seeing the possibility of you guys doing that for 1 league is really hopeful. If you keep heading in that direction I think party play will be much smoother and I appreciate that a lot.

Balancing rewards at such great amount of change is really exciting. As someone who likes to do almost all content, I could tell that some stuff was just beating others in rewards. I would still do all content cause I play for fun over loot, but now I feel like I will be more rewarded for doing all content.

The low life stuff is exciting. I always wanted something that turned hits into damage over time with life gain to stop one shots, but still require fast reaction time with instant life potions.

The helmet change sounds exciting, since it could take forever to find helmet enchantments. It should take 33% of the time it did before on average to find 1. This makes more sense with all the new skills that have been added since lab released.

Essences, permanent veils with stronger mods, tier 4 syndicate rewards, anointing corrupted items, etc all sound exciting.

Nerf to crafting? Check!

Nerf to Delve? Check!

Nerf to every META crafting NODDERS on the forums? CHECK!

This league already has my seal of approval! Looking forward to Blood Builds flooding the scene. :D

PoE 2 looking good, as always, and even more so with SPEARS! Crossbow looks sick, too, with all those Attack modifier bolts. Juicy stuff coming our way. Only thing left that would make me go bonkers would be a Whip or something similar.
Harvest Manifest Was your biggest discussion thread ever with so many people dont agree with your "close your eyes and yolo destroy your item" and still you keep it the way.. Now you Anounce so many "reworks" - most of them Sound like nerfs to some what controlable crafting options(EG splitting). And then we get a rework of the current League Sold as New mechanic - nice one. Will be fun for few weeks and then people will leave again-would love to See the Player numbers up coming League compared to current one :) love and supported the game but be care full with the digging( just to pleas the fulltime gamer cry Babys) might be too deep and other games will catch up
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All the contents you are putting out are extraordinarily awesome. They really make things become more and more interesting. However, there is one underlying, crucial issue that makes all the contents you're putting out become significantly inaccessible which is your performance issue. Especially when we maxed out multiple contents in a map like Breach + Delirium + Harbinger + Elder. MOST OF THE TIME, the game FPS drops like a waterfall, often resulting in crashes. In my opinion, which may be insignificant, please add an option so that we can turn off delirium fogs, or other visual effects to gain more FPS and avoid crash, since they are extremely annoying. Thank you.

Best Regards,


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