Path of Exile: Ultimatum Announcements and Path of Exile 2 Showcase

You guys did AMAZING!!!
My fanworks thread:
My hideout showcase thread:

AI "art" isn't art, it's theft.
Summoners? Hi, we exist... Y so little gear for us?

Low level gear? non-resistant
low level minion wands? Nope.
All the new content rewards? nope.

Always forgotten, forever nerfed.
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Idk this looks like another ritual league.
Add to that harvest nerfs, beast splitting nerfts, betrayal nerfs (running stones upgrades are dead sooo profit--) etc and i am honestly close to skipping this league. Just nerf 3 of my builds in patchnotes and its nail to the coffin.
I got the item and claimed it on twich it even show i got it but it isnt in my in game inventory.

Do i need to wait a few more hours to get it since there is to many to prosses at the same time or do i need to do something?
poe 2 is gonna be insane
Pretty hyped about all of it even though it was hard getting hammered with all this stuff for such a long stream. Amazing nonetheless. Time to get some rest for a week.
So we get Path of Exile 2 AAANND Ritual League v2... got it LOLZ

Looks like fun on a bun
dont like mechanic to lose loot but lets try before complain
No harvest No bulk loot drop ot auto loot No trade rework RIP

At least poe 2 look good
You really are into gameshows nowadays, aren’t you? 🙃
Rituals was „the price is right“ and ultimatum reminds me of a show as well...
just can’t remember the name...

Some of the changes seem nice.

Still heartbroken about harvest nerfs though.

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