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Noceo2003 wrote:
This is a really solid starter spec. Currently I'm hitting yellow maps and it obliterates almost everything, with close to no investment.

The guide is okay, but I would say it has potential to become much more popular, if you invest some more time in it. Here is a few suggestions for improvements:
- Clear order of ascendancy. I had to look in the video to find it.
- An explanation of required gear and gems. I can see a unique gem in you PoB, that has no explanation.
- A more thorough gem setup using images with mouse over. And the order of importance.
- A pros cons, to highlight strengths and weaknesses.
- A frequently ask question section (FAQ).
- Stat priority, to make it easier for us noobs to find the right gear :-)

Again, the guide is still fine as it is. It's only if you want to to rank higher on pages like poebuids.cc.

Just saying, there is a youtube link which is pretty comprehensive. If you ever tried making a build showcase in forum and youtube you would know how hard it is.

My comments were for the written guide alone, not the video. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Also, I would by no means suggest that it's an easy task to keep a written guide up to date, alongside YouTube guides and what not. And if the author does not want to invest this kind of effort, I very much understand so.
All I was trying to get to, is that this build has the potential to be a League Start Classic, like Enki's Arc Witch. If you can (and want) to invest some more time in the written guide. If not, it's still a pretty solid build with a guide that will easily get you started.
Nuni121 wrote:
Could some1 help me minx/max a bit?
I feel like my damage is fine, but i really need to get more tanky.
Doesnt feel like i can boss really well.


It may feel like you are not tanky enough but you have sacrificed way too much damage to get your current defences. Remember that the best defense is offense. Gain more DPS to kill mobs and bosses quickly rather than taking damage while waiting for them to die.

The best way to learn is to look at what others are doing and understand why. Examine other Armageddon Elementalist players builds around your level at:

Investigate by comparing your:
- passives: your tree must match the red nodes and orange nodes in the heatmap.
- stats: you should have similar life, energy shield, armor, evasion and block as others if you have the same items
- unique items: look for common uniques that give distinct benefits
- rare items: look at how other balance the stats across rare items

Consider setting the following objectives:
- 1m ignite DPS (excluding Emberwake which requires applying 2 ignites). Currently you have ~0.6m
- < 160% life from passives and jewels. Currently you have >170%.
- ~0% armor. Currently you have a lot.
- 50-56% block

- your ignites last too long (> 6s), aim for < 3s
- you don't seem to have any ignite propagation! you should explode entire packs of mobs at once, most of which will be off screen. Look at getting a Berek's Respite ring or cluster jewel for this.
- remove all passives below Unwavering Stance. They are not an efficient way to get defense and you have too much defense. You are missing out on huge amounts of damage by not taking Breath of Flames and Holy Fire.
- look at getting an Anima stone and 2x Primordial Eminence jewels for decent DPS and defense (life regen, phys damage reduction, etc). You can conjure multiple golems. Having multiple golems means that if one dies, you still get buffed by the alive one. So have 2 stone and chaos golems.

Hope this is helpful. If you have any more questions, ask away!
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hi im new to elementalist and golems, and i have a question in that matter.
How many golems should i have, and which ones? Whats the optimal setup if i have lets say 7-8 golems?
Prezydenciak wrote:
hi im new to elementalist and golems, and i have a question in that matter.
How many golems should i have, and which ones? Whats the optimal setup if i have lets say 7-8 golems?

What are the purpose of having the golems? Not for their damage: they only do ~10k dps in most setups. It is for buffs, as a source of scaling Liege of the Primordial / Elemancer ascendancy nodes, and to distract the enemy / absorb damage.

Here are the buffs you get from each golem type:
- stone: life regeneration
- chaos: physical damage reduction
- flame: increased damage
- lightning: attack and cast speed
- ice: accuracy

You only get that buff once, no matter how many golems of that type you have summoned.

Which of these buffs are important? I've ordered them in my preference from most to least important. Most people don't run Ice: it's buff is useless for us, it has a high DEX requirement (running at lower gem level significantly reduces golem life) and that gem slot could be put to better use.

Why summon multiple at the same time? It depends on which buffs do you want to have available in case a golem dies and takes 4 seconds to respawn. This is particularly important for defensive ones, stone and chaos. Also, you may socket some golems differently. For example, a good way to get more dps is to apply Elemental Equilibrium by putting a Lightning Golem in Malachai's Artiface ring so that _only_ the golem attacks apply it. In cases like that, you want multiple golems so they apply EE to more mobs.

So my current setup is: 2 stone, 2 chaos, 1 flame, 3 lightning, 1 ice (lvl 17).
Why is it, that Arcane Surge is kept on max lvl 5 ?
Hello everyone!
Yesterday I managed to finally kill Maven, the feared and Sirus (A7) in SSF. I wish to share my build with you:


Mainly the highlight I would say it's the setup on my hunter's chest with Wave of Conviction + Hex on hit + Despair + Flammability + Combustion for mega debuff.
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New to game, first league,
i try your build and love it !!
try to end game with (here my pov canyon 100% delirium)


thank you
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This build is crazy fun and just what I was looking to play for my first time back in a year.

This is my second build this season so I had some starter gear and found that fireball, flame totem, and firewall have greased the wheels well past 28 and using armageddon almost as a support. Worked great and am sailing through the campaign.

Is there an order for the Ascendency I should build? I was thinking of my first 2 points into the ignite tree. But also thought the golem one would be super useful, but it seems MORE useful in end game than the effects I would get from the always ignite+ignite damage.

Very cool build. Very ssf friendly.
Played this in recent 3.14 Gauntlet. Made it to lvl 86 twice. Once without golems and once with. With MoM Arcane Cloak was very easy to scale damage and survi with almost zero gear investment.

char name: ZizSaidItsGonnaBeFun

Dead to uber Izaro due to exhaustion after 10h of gaming.

char name: ZizYouLieDyinNoFunAtAll

Dead to bullsht oneshot in harvest.

Both characters were clearing t6 maps and ultimatums pretty much on autopilot.
I'm not a good player rather below average. If I can get to yellow maps on Gauntlet then I guess I could do endgame on regular league with this build. In sctradeleague with access to actual items and clusters for sure.
Had a great time. Probably will leaguestart 3.15 if nothing changes. Would recommend.
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Hi. can someone explain the mapping and bossing rotation. Never played with flame wall and WOC before :) Just wanna make sure i get it right.

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