[3.15] Armageddon Brand Build (League Starter) | Elementalist | Expedition | Path of Exile 3.15

LesserForms wrote:
Hi. can someone explain the mapping and bossing rotation. Never played with flame wall and WOC before :) Just wanna make sure i get it right.

I'd say you clear maps with just Armageddon Brand.

At bosses not sure, i'd guess just throw everything at it.
I guess it is dead with all the cluster nerfs?
Koppa77 wrote:
I guess it is dead with all the cluster nerfs?

This build has no cluster jewels but we lost elemental ailment immunity. I'm gonna decide updating pob after the patch notes.
So is it dead or actually playable? Is 3.15 THAT impactful or it's just gonna be harder, but still good/playable?
SmartieGG wrote:
So is it dead or actually playable? Is 3.15 THAT impactful or it's just gonna be harder, but still good/playable?

It's not dead but you definetly need to invest more to reach end game. I don't think we can kill sirus/maven with this gear anymore. Lost almost half of the damage maybe more?

i try to folow buidl, but i am actually level 87 and limited by:
monetary (ex and cahs ofor trade if need) or exeprne for better

ti watch the last video, and i have to propose something may be nice:

i use convocatio nof wand, with accerratte speel, and it is very fast shot with and add minions , incovation and dmg.

but i made dmg with fire, and anohter that if electrical too, then that is very powerfull.

i use now speell etcho , but it is difficult to have helmet.... (too expensif on trade) urgggg


Can anyone explain me what flame wall gives this build?
Does it work with AB damage or its not?
Hey everyone :)

Just wanted to give my feedback! I have leveled this build up to level 91. Generally it is a great laid back map clearer with great spread, however yes, it lacks damage on bosses. Still doable on high red maps, but takes definitely longer than it should. I wouldn't dare to go in against Sirus with it, fight would probably take forever.
I have made some adjustments:
- Martyr of Innocence > Searing Torch
- replaced Flammability with Despair on Conviction
- removed Flamewall (it doesn't really do that much) for some utility and survivability: most importantly Arctic Armour and also Enduring Cry with Urgent Orders & Second wind (however hitting higher level, higher HP enduring cry doesn't seem too required anymore, but fits a laid back map clear play style)
- I have added a cluster jewel with burning damage (missing some of the HP nodes for it), debatable but it gives a little dmg boost for higher tier maps

Generally I enjoy this build for mapping, but do not use it on actual bosses currently and focussing on another build for that, however still on the side always looking for upgrades and ways to boost the elementalist.

I am fairly new to the game, so take all my changes with a grain of salt, still learning :D

Even though it seems to be lacking in damage, it was a great starter build for me!

It is also worth noting, that there is still much gear improvement I could make, but I still doubt it would be enough to be a comfortable boss killer.
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