I've found the single spell that actually gains a completely new dimension with combined with Trap:

Lightning Warp!

It's actually better than it sounds, the damage is pretty decent, you can easily stack 3 of them onto one area and do a bunch of burst damage.

But seriously, 150% mana modifier is WAY WAY WAY too high. It's ridiculously high. It's unwarranted. There's nothing this support gem allows for that warrants a 150% increase in mana cost. Absolutely nothing.

Consider the actual benefits:
1. Turns otherwise PBAE spells into target-AOE spells.
2. Can be pre-cast before a bossfight.
3. Can deliver decent burst damage.

Point 1 does not warrant such a high mana cost. Point 2 is completely irrelevant because if you pre-cast traps, you regen your mana before engaging. Only point 3 warrants an increase, but if you consider that organizing that burst damage costs so much time that your effective DPS lowers significantly, 150% is just not the right number.

My Lightning Warp is linked to Trap, Increased AoE and Added Lightning Damage. It currently costs 129 mana. I have 545 total mana with 299 reserved. :|
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Might I suggest a change?

"Doubles the chance of status alignment"
it almost already does that... via hitting twice very likely.
I was going to use this with coldsnap to bypass the cooldown on the spell, but found it's more effective to just use 2 separate coldsnap gems in the same link alternating coldsnaps every 2 seconds, than using trap.

Trap takes up an extra socket and doesn't provide any bonuses like Remote Mine does (which btw, has no cooldown/ and also has a higher limit on the # of mines). I am not sure how well coldsnap will freeze in late game, but at lvl 40, 2 Coldsnaps with cold penetration/elemental proliferation is enough to permanently freeze normal mobs, along with any rares that are near them.
So Im going to try and make a Spec, based purely off of Traps, theres a total of 6 nodes to increase things for traps itself, now Im wondering, the increase Radius nodes, does this Affect the dmg it does, aka fire traps bust dmg?

I was also reading there are other gems you can link with traps to do that spell? Im slightly confused about this, I tried linking Fire Trap with Spark, and there wasnt any effect (would have tried other things, but Spark is the only thing I have to use atm ><!)

I plan on trying to make a spec if I can get anymore info about anything, always some suggestions would be nice!

Increased Radius increases the... Radius. The area of effect. Doesn't improve damage.
Increased Area Damage (as seen on the Blast Radius and Amplify passives) will improve the damage dealt.

You cannot link two Skill Gems together. Later in the game, you might be able to pick the Trap Support Gem (depends on your character choice). This will link to any applicable Skill Gem and allow you to place a Trap that uses the linked skill.
Actually, Trap + Raise Zombie = Game Crash!
a very logical crash XD, the mine is summoning the zombie but mine no longer exists. OR there is no corpse to raise in its trigger radius.
The crash when traps or mines create minions using melee attacks has been fixed, and will be in an upcoming patch
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So why not make this trap remove the weapon requirements of an ability?

For instance, giving a dagger build a way of using power siphon, or sweep for more AoE. That would justify the mana increase, ammo count, and cooldown.

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