Just noticed that cold snap isn't working correctly with the trap support gem. The combination works, but it doesn't stock up the three traps that other skills do. I doesn't have a number in the top left corner, either, so I wonder if the game is treating it as a trap at all (i.e., subject to trap laying speed bonuses, etc.)
yeah, there's some wierdness if both the skill gem and a a support on it have cooldowns.
Serika wrote:
Ice nova (and maybe sparks) is probably the only spell this support is usefull to since it's a spell that you can't project where you want it otherwise as you can do with most other spells.

I agree its not that great for ranged spells, however I'm having great success with Ice nova, combining it with fire trap. I'm playing a ranged shadow and its good for cc/keeping enemies in the AoE of fire trap. Although a bit of a dmg boost or mana reduction on lvl up would be nice.
I can't get it to work with my Fire Trap. Every time I link it, I get the same number of 3 traps instead of 6. (lvl 1 trap support)

Any feedback?
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Islidox wrote:
I can't get it to work with my Fire Trap. Every time I link it, I get the same number of 3 traps instead of 6. (lvl 1 trap support)

Any feedback?
The trap support can't apply to fire trap, which is already a trap. The support changes a non-trap spell skill into a trap. If something's already a trap, you can't make it a trap.
Mark_GGG wrote:
If something's already a trap, you can't make it a trap.

Unless you are Admiral Ackbar....

It's a trap!

(ok, not helpful I know. :) )
RysanMarquise wrote:
Additionally, it bothers me quite a bit that you gain no bonus for increasing the level of the Trap gem. Instead, you get increased requirements for no reason.

This is horrible design.

Just wanted to mention this.

Till now a trap is just useless. One is very limited with it (only 3 stacks and only 3 traps at the same time are allowed to be placed - except one takes the shadow knode than it is 4).

If there would be a bonus like "+50% spelldmg, +crit chance etc", then I get the idea and one would rly start to use traps. Cause traps in general are quite cool but if they are restricted so strong, then the bonuses HAVE to be good.

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Chris wrote:
Trap Support Gem: Now starts with a 12 second cooldown, but this decreases as it levels up.

While I know it's too early to cry wolf before one sees a nerf in action I'm really curious about why you did this change?

Is there some kind of trap use of which I'm obviously not aware that warrants this?

As far as I can tell (with limited experience of course) the trap support gem is not worth using in almost all but a few very specialized cases (where it's not op either). And this makes it even worse.

Just thought I'd ask.
I have to agree, mostly. The passive tree only invites minimal trap support. There aren't any uniques that improve traps.

I can't think of a single spell that's actually a better trap than a non-trap, other than MAYBE icewall, cold snap or temporal chains, and these spells would only be best used in a late form of cutthroat PVP. Maybe.

But trap gem even inflates the cost of the spell. And traps just don't last that long to be that useful for long-term PVP either. At least you can have more remote mines than traps, and remote mine actually increases damage done.

If trap CD has to go up, I'd like to see the mana cost modifier go away. The only reason to use traps is to load up on burst damage as you lure monsters in a line through them, otherwise, using a spell directly offers more versatility and DPS.
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Consider traps to be, like, a self-imposed hardcore mode. Sure, any schmuck can make their way through the game by just casting their spells to kill enemies. But, what if you felt that wasn't noteworthy enough? Well then, this is the support gem for you!

You can:
1) Increase that spell's mana cost!
2) Give it a forced cooldown!
3) Forcibly limit yourself to up to 3 casts before it requires more cooling!
4) Expose yourself to mechanical bugs by trying to put a cooldown on spells that already have cooldowns!
5) Add "Any ground-based AoE" as a hard counter to your spell going off!
6) Give it a limited duration, where if it ends, you'll have wasted that mana for nothing!

Note: Don't worry! It won't improve the damage, cast delay, area of effect, or anything you might consider statistically beneficial to your extra-hardcore run!

All of this can be yours with just one support gem! Just link that sucker to your main spell and revel in knowing that you're making your life that much harder!

But seriously, there's no reason to use this.
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