Connecting a Spell Skill Gem to this will cause the trap to cast the spell when it triggers.
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Umbraal wrote:
"Creates a trap which uses this skill when triggered" is a boolean stat, it can only be true or false, and can't stack.
Correct. You can however, have a mine that places a trap that summons a totem that uses a skill. If you're into that sort of thing.
RysanMarquise wrote:
Additionally, it bothers me quite a bit that you gain no bonus for increasing the level of the Trap gem. Instead, you get increased requirements for no reason.

This is horrible design.
That's not intended, thanks for the catch!
Trap gem is indeed supposed to improve with levels (and used to), something's gotten missed out there during some changes. Carl will be fixing that soon.
yeah, there's some wierdness if both the skill gem and a a support on it have cooldowns.
Islidox wrote:
I can't get it to work with my Fire Trap. Every time I link it, I get the same number of 3 traps instead of 6. (lvl 1 trap support)

Any feedback?
The trap support can't apply to fire trap, which is already a trap. The support changes a non-trap spell skill into a trap. If something's already a trap, you can't make it a trap.
The crash when traps or mines create minions using melee attacks has been fixed, and will be in an upcoming patch
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Craptain wrote:
So why not make this trap remove the weapon requirements of an ability?

For instance, giving a dagger build a way of using power siphon, or sweep for more AoE. That would justify the mana increase, ammo count, and cooldown.
Because then power siphon can do the damage of your two-handed axe, which is broken.
It lets you 'save up' casts, setting them up in advance and then casting multiple skills at the same time, which is impossible normally. That provides a massive potential increase to burst damage - Trap is very good by the simple nature of the fact that multiple traps can go off at the same time, and deal lots of damage, and you can be doing something completely different at the time, either doing even more damage yourself or evading damage while the traps dish it out.

It also provides interesting interactions in PVP, and allows some skills to be used in a different playstyle to normal that some people enjoy.
IreliVent wrote:
I found a bug, Trap doesn't work with unarmed infernal blow. Trap specifically states that you can't use it with a melee WEAPON, unarmed infernal blow does not count as using a weapon, weapon elemental does not apply to it.
That's not a bug. Only ranged attack skills can be trapped.
The reason it prevents using the skill with a melee weapon if to handle skills that are melee and ranged correctly, like Frenzy or Elemental Hit. It doesn't work on any melee-only skills at all, and that has nothing to do with the restriction on weapon types.
sowen wrote:
1.) How does the Trap support target enemies if it is triggered through Sunblast?
The same way it does without Sunblast, Sunblast doesn't do anything to trap targeting. Traps have a trigger range within which they can detect enemies, and will trigger on that enemy if one if detected. Sunblast adds another way to trigger traps, it doesn't change anything about their targeting. If you're using traps with targeted skills, then Sunblast isn't particularly useful, since if something's close enough to be targeted the trap would have gone off anyway.

sowen wrote:
3.) Why do the trap passives give "Can set up to 1 additional trap" instead of giving "Can store up to 1 additional trap"?
Because we can do that.

sowen wrote:
For anyone that has a custom unique in-queue, make something that reduces trap cooldown and gives "You leech % damage dealt by traps you place..." Please....
I suspect you won't get that without a downside at least as powerful as you also taking the reflected damage that would hit traps.
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