Development Manifesto: Harvest Crafting

Harvest itself a horrible mechanic. You spent a ton of time in the groove figuring out what to craft and how and its give an enormous advantage for players who spent tens of hours to figure out how to abuse Harvest crafting. Also after playing 600 hours in this league yet to found the Heart of the Groove and the Harvest boss. GGG have to put their money where their mouth is. Whale players like myself with huge disposable income who spent $100-s sometimes $1000-s in a league to micros don't like to spend their precious game time in an empty groove.
Obviously, Harvest was too powerful in it's 3.13 approach.

Needed to be looked into. So I'm ok with some changes, like not "removing/adding the same mod" - perfectly reasonable

But we need Chris et alia to acknowledge that their apprehension of the beast they released on the world back in 2010 no longer comports w the way the game is played by the crafting crews (based on the content developed by Chis et alia)

Path of Exile is an item acquisition game - except when you don't acquire anything meaningful - and Harvest was implemented (and probably in development for 5+ years) because the devs knew, from actually playing Path of Exile, that you don't always acquire items at a pace sufficient to allow you to progress with the time you have that can be spent on video games

Unless GGG's willingness to acknowledge their way of changing what they were unable to predict or prognosticate is in opposition to, and therefore bad, for the game - the "Poe is an item acquisition game" notion is just a meme, and means nothing

Because as it stands, you cannot "acquire" items needed to do Maven 10, you need TFT
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We suffer to make items, we play a lot to have some good items because of the method to craft nowdays with discord and now u want to make it even harder, dont you think the majority of your players are casuals that would like to craft amazing items, the players enjoy it, people that dont like it is some 0.0001% shit players that think only beacuse they can play 24/7 people that dont do it don't deserve to have that pleasure. Congratulations GGG you always choose the wrong way, instead of try to make the game worst you should just make the servers work well at least, but i guess you are working too hard making some AMAZING leagues like heist was, good job guys, YOU ARE AMAZING !!! And exalteds buy crafts, making the market good, some players would quit the league even fastter if wasnt the chance to make these items, stop ruining the game please.
Harvest was the only reason i played this league. now that i know i wont be able to make 3/4 of gear to my build because simply you can not do it other way than harvest i lost whole interest of playing next league. RIP
You're right, GGG, nothing more exciting than using Chaos Orbs. You really opened my eyes with that one.
Fantastic, this should've happened straight after Harvest
Thank you for the update on Harvest. Harvest crafting is clearly out of place compared to the rest of the game. Many people say this change completely ruins the fun of crafting. Let me ask you, is it fun to constantly annul/exalt life 20 times, until you hit T1? Is that process really that enjoyable? If you find that enjoyable, then please don't play this game.
Players also expressed frustration that the most effective way to get the best items in Path of Exile was to join a discord channel and try to trade for these incredibly crucial crafts.

The first part of this that concerned us was that Harvest was critical in making the best items (and hence made many other game systems obsolete). The second part, where it was inconvenient to trade them, becomes far less of a problem if we can solve the first issue.

@ Chris and other Devs:

Just to be clear, per your design and implementation, it is impossible to "trade for these incredibly crucial crafts." There is no in-game way to trade harvest crafts. We can choose to be Harvest-SSF or we can choose to give items of incredible value and weight to a random person.

It is impossible to buy/sell/trade harvest crafts *AND* be 100% scam-proof.

Yes, 99% scam-proof is pretty cool and entire communities, as you point out, have found ways to trust each other and pool resources. That's cool and it gives a sense of community and ensures that when we have friends, we are more likely to continue playing Path.

That being said, you made a choice with current implementation (and presumably future implementation given that control+f yielded no results for 'horticrafting' or 'station' in this manifesto), which I will assume you are far too intelligent to overlook. That choice is that you accept that a certain non-zero number of your players can be scammed in a way that is entirely unpreventable (there's no failing to double check the currency or a 6-link in the trade window here). Do you have any interest in explaining what is so crucial to your design philosophy that you find this acceptable?
can we all please stop calling it 'crafting'? It's gambling, pure and simple. No crafting involved after this change.
i started playing the game in heist league , enjoyed it a lot even if i couldn't get my hand on great gear .I was exited to see what i would be able to in this league and harvest crafting was THE MECHANIC that push me to the point where i would be able to craft decent gear for myself and getting fun from it and it gave me the desire to push further into the endgame. And instead of trying to buy them of the 1% i learn about crafting and played hours and hours exited about what item i could craft even if i'm not a pro .

those change are desastrous and will just keep a lot of players away from the endgame experience

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