Development Manifesto: Harvest Crafting

If there is any demand for harvest crafts next league then using discord for trades will continue. I do not want to trust random players with my item or spend hours scouring a trade forum. Can we get full itemization of harvest crafts and maybe similar content in the game?
PoE RIP, PoE is dead, go to Diablo 2 remastered. i'm fucking bored to this changes that make more difficult end game and your fucking "experiments" with game mechanics. I quit PoE.
Problem: there was no problem
Solution: they created one
Terrible changes
IGN: Jnfected
The tears are absolutely delicious.

Keep em coming guys.
I really dislike GGG now, and I really hope another game comes along soon and takes me away.

All those changes you've made, will still mean the mega rich players / no-lifers are fine, you've just widened the gap between them, and the people with jobs and families.

Random drops are frigging awful, 99.9999999% are a waste of an ID scroll. If you want to move away from crafting, reduce the stupid drops of 10,000 items per screen, and make far fewer, more impactful drops.

And guess, what, that might also mean you don't need a NASA quantum computer to get more than 20 fps in your maps?!?!?!

F off tbh...
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This is a buff™
Wow, you bloody idiots... No more supporter packs for you, GGG.
Last league for me...

Good job GGG hope the numbers show u are wrong
I guess the whineybois on reddit won?

Harvest made so many fun off-meta builds possible. sure, some people go crazy and craft a million minion helmets and dex stacking amulets or whatever but seriously... consider the fun of making items just to make them and not because it's profitable.

I guess now the game is going to go back to everyone playing the three top meta builds that people actually bother crafting items for.

I don't want to close my eyes and pray that i don't ruin my item... i can already brick it with harvest and it takes forever to actually get the right crafts with the system as it is now.

please stop balancing the game around the hate on reddit and do what's best for the silent majority.

is the intended direction of this game to be a grindfest slot machine?

idk... im just disappointed i guess. i really enjoyed being able to play the game how i want to play it, make my own items without having to constantly snipe and flip stuff just to gamble currency away.
As an SSF player this is really upsetting. I am still currently playing Ritual, the longest I have played a league by far and the most I have spent on MTX. Harvest being the only close second. There is a reason you had/have such higher player numbers.

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