Development Manifesto: Harvest Crafting

And again, the nerf was already solid to prevent any god tier craft for the pleb...
Now it will be better to just skip it, while the pro will keep on crafting Tier S item with it and fossils/inprint/etc...
moldycondom wrote:
Well all Standard Harvest crafted gear (and harvest gear from league eventually coming to it) is now going to sky rocket in price after patch drops.

More ways to break economy is always nice, good job GGG :)

Ok but nobody cares about the standard economy, it's literally a graveyard for league characters and items

Some players play in your so called graveyard !! Not every player has the time to do all the game content in 3 month, and will probably won't make it after harvest being nuked !!
Path of Exile is a Casino for gambling addicts.
Gambling is not fun nor a game mechanic...
Silence4tw wrote:
lets be honest here, its a gentleman move by chris. Blizzard pass over lots of their playerbase by the immortal desaster and now, chris the gentleman that he is, gives it all back in the possible D4 release year. its crazy how fast u moved from the voice of the playerbase to 100% disconnected from it. i guess the epic quote from that blizzcon youtube video still stayed until today: no king rules forever. you had a good run it was nice to be part of it, thx for all the good memorys and see you all in D4.

Yeah and d4 doesnt have overpriced mtx people have to use to not look like a clown. GGG price for mtx is the same as a new game.

Cool, in an effort to stop the tryhards from breaking your game you've neutered the only crafting method the rest of us had to make anything *good*
"Players also expressed frustration that the most effective way to get the best items in Path of Exile was to join a discord channel and try to trade for these incredibly crucial crafts." xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

-Players expressing their frustration about Harvest.--> 1%
-Players who incredibly enjoy this Harvest craft system.--> 99%

As Matthew has said, this shows how little GGG listens its community.
Absolutely worse - again, more nerfs that support the 1%. I do not think you understand how people play your game.

The community said BIND HARVEST CRAFTED GEAR, like, everyone. And what do you do? You absolutely kill crafting. Eff!

No one crafts with exalts unless they are trying to record a troll video to show how a 30 chaos boot takes 250 exalt to make. You just don't get it. Just... wow...
Droed wrote:
I totally agree with that changes!
Please dont listen to whiny reditors!

Has only SSF characters yes for you it may aswell be totally fine but for the 98% that play SC/HC trade this just makes the game worse.
I can see the argument where doing trading via discord was bad but then just implement a bestiary like orb and make crafts sellable.
With the influence items taken out of harvest the mechanic might aswell not exist.
Boiling this down to "whiny" redditors when there's 240 pages of responses and about 230 of them complain about how they announced this is just delusional.

I am not on reddit and I'm not casual I play 60+ hours a week and still hate this change.
real issue with harvest is TFT. Without TFT it would be pretty much balanced and it would take so much time to craft GG item but people who play a lot would deserve to get it sooner or later like they do in hardcore for example without trading harvest crafts.

While with TFT in Softcore players are just buying crafts from others and making GG items easily within few hours in some cases and thats just stupid for grindy game like this.

I am also casual player and this was my first league but I finished all content within a month so I can see why harvest is OP , its basically too easy for anyone to craft gear they want if u spend some time in TFT discord.
But anyway u can still finish all content without much issues without gg gear and u will still be able to use harvest next league after nerf for some solid crafts while GG gear will be harder to craft as it should be the case for tryhard gamers. If you want everything given to u then just go to Diablo I guess or some other dogshit ARPG game where u can get OP gear within a week. PoE was never like that and now I can see why its so many levels above others.

Basically I can't wait to start next league without those few stupidly OP crafts so I can actually work on my gear and earn it with time instead to just trade crafts for GG items all day long. PoE devs know what they are doing , otherwise this game would not be on top. Even if they lose some casuals because of this harvest nerf , it is still for the good of the game and its future which will seperate it from other ARPGs which are basically easy mode compared to PoE, so if u want easy ARPG to craft GG items then go somewhere else I guess.
Performance manifesto when?
Plz GGG, make some good choices and listen our community.

- Remove the labyrinth, no one enjoy it from the beginning.
- Alternative leveling.
- Quality of Life.
- Auction House (give it a try just one league).
- Cassia as a master.
- Buff harvest.
- Less loot, but better loot (maybe identify ?).
- Buff useless legendary item.

- Better performance !

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