[3.13] Volatile Dead | CwC | Inquisitor | No Mana Balancing just pure CwC


2021-02-21 Build created
2021-02-24 Removed Spiritual Aid & added more life instead
2021-02-24 Added Delve Boss video
2021-02-24 Pantheon added
2021-02-24 added Q&A section
2021-02-25 added alternative Auras setup
2021-03-04 Fixed Alternate setup (Watchers Eye)

Looking at the changes to Inquisitor Ascendencies I planned to create a Firestorm CwC Build but during leveling I used "Cyclone - CwC - Desecrate - Volatile Dead" and it felt so good I stopped targeting to use Firestorm.

The Idea
Cyclone - CwC - Desecrate - Volatile Dead
I played similar builds in the past with corpses generated by complex mechanics like CWDT and Scold's Bridle but with the changes in 3.13 it is just very viable to combine desecrate into the CwC Link.
One may argue that being less DPS but at the end it turned out to be suitable for most content, even A8 Sirus.
Another important part of the Buils is EHP and regen of both HP and ES.

Just Cyclone your way through or on bosses around :-)

Current Stats after some weeks

* ~10k EHP (6k HP / 4k ES)
* ~1000 regen of Life and ES
* 76/75/75/75 resistances (yes, also chaos)
* ~100,000 Dmg per Ball x 12 Balls per 0.60 seconds => ~2 million DPS (may be different I am not good in calculating and setup in PoB)

Skill Tree / PoB

Standard Build with Discipline for more EHP:

Alternative Build with more DPS through Zealotry and other rearranged Gems:

Please use community Fork of PoB.

Ascendency / Bandits

They Key to Dmg is "Righteous Providence" (1% crit chance per point in str/int whatever is lowest + 50 str&int).
The other stuff adds up good too, especially bonus from consecrated ground.

Bandits just kill all, two skill points are best.


Most important stats are HP and ES.
Resistances should be easy and equaled for the Wise Oak.
Life gain on Spell hit is very good and I would say essential Ring stat!
Flammability on Hit on Ring is also very nice to free up gem slots.
Most DPS comes from the Staff so get highest rolls possible and do NOT let modify what quality gives due to Battlemage. The Staff is ~70% of our DPS according to PoB!

Thread of Hope is mandatory.
Unnatural Instinct is really really good for start either skip the slot or use a Intuaitive Leap and allocate the most interesting nodes.
Watchers Eye with ES on hit while discipline is very nice to have but if you have a ring with ES on Spellhit that will do too for the start. For the second build variant without Discipline ones with Zealotry Mods will do fine, maybe LGOH while Vitality.
4th Jewel, take what you need (e.g. HP or Resists or stats), I highly recommend to get Immunity to Blind and of course Immunity to corrupted blood on this one, its not that expensive and especially blind is a very mad thing for us.

Heart of Flame is very best one.
True Strike is second best.
And we can get both thanks to Stampede (which has other very nice stuff too -> permanent 150% MS even while Cycloning).

Wise Oak + Bleed Flask
Recommend one with instant HP restore.

Major God: Lunaris (Porcupines!)
Minor God: Abberath (not sure, maybe others, not that important)

1) Get however to 28 (I used Smite but that might not be a good choice)
2) Spellslinger Desecrate + VD till 38
3) Cyclone + CwC + Desecrate + VD

Worked pretty well even as my league starter.

Should workout from a very low budget as a start, even league starter as I did.
Farming should be very comfortable with the build.
I spent aproximately 40-50ex on my current setup, maybe some more. There is also still things to optimize.

Not sure but as we basically run around and try to not touch anything it might work.

* elemental reflect is definitely impossible.
* for physical reflect just quickly switch to Avatar of Fire
* Sirus A8 down
* 10 Boss Maven fights no problem (see example video)
* Maven not tried, I am too bad at moving
* Conquerors ... more like a joke
* Delve 400+ absolutely no problems, not tried deeper yet due to focussing Challenges
* Ahuatotli, the Blind (Delve 406)
* Elder & Shaper no problem
* Reached 36/40 Challenges including 1250 Maps and Ritual combinations

Potential Issues
Oneshots are a problem sometimes
Get as much Life and as possible and use 10% life as ES chest, EHP is key for this build, 6k minimum I would say for red maps.


1) I am getting richer, what is the best upgrade of em all?
-> Awakened Spell Cascade, no Discussion, basically doubles your damage

2) Whats that Frost Bomb for?
-> Counter Life regen of some Bosses, not that much helpful but we have plenty slots.

3) Is precision and Golem that useful?
-> Not that much but still some Dmg and we have plenty of Gem slots and plain Mana to spend.

4) I have way better idea for the plenty of Gem slots!
-> Then tell me, I really like to hear opinions and thoughts about the build especially if can make it better.

This is my second Build and I hope this one is viable a bit longer than my old one which lacked much on DPS.

If you have any feedback or great improvement idea feel free to comment.

[3.13] Inquisitor Cyclone CwC VD - 10 Bosses A8 Lex Ejoris
[3.13] Inquisitor Cyclone CwC VD - Safehouse
[3.13] Inquisitor Cyclone CwC VD - Random T16 Map
[3.13] Inquisitor Cyclone CwC VD - Ahuatotli, the Blind (Delve 406)
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Hello. Very nice build. Just hit maps with it on HC. Just have a few questions. Why do you need Ice golem and Precision? Also you take the notable Spiritual Aid. I cant understand why?
And do you have any sugestions for HC?
Anyways thanks for sharing the build. Much fun.
Hello. Very nice build. Just hit maps with it on HC. Just have a few questions. Why do you need Ice golem and Precision? Also you take the notable Spiritual Aid. Oh and CWDT Frost Bomb? I cant understand why?
And do you have any sugestions for HC?
Anyways thanks for sharing the build. Much fun.
Hello Psychoser,

thanks for your reply.

Ice Golem and Precision I use for more Crit, maybe not that much but we have plenty plain mana and Gem slots I had no use for otherwise.

Frost Bomb is for Life regen reduction on Bosses.

Spiritual Aid ... there you got me, its like automatic when I go for this Thread of Hope Ring but in this case it is worthless, right, will change that to another Life Node I think.

For HC honestly I have no experience, sorry but I would say grab any life and ES nodes first which I would recommend also for others :-)
Thanks man. Just one more question. What pantheons do you use? Loving your build. Great job.
Nice to hear, Panteon I use is:
Major God: Lunaris (Porcupines!)
Minor God: Abberath (not sure, maybe others, not that important)

I will add it to the Guide too, thanks for asking.

Looking at your Char, one hint, put Desecrate before VD in the Link they are cast one after another so desecrate should go first.
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You are a nice person, answering all of my questions. Thank for that. On HC Unnatural instinct is 8ex. Not getting it soon...
I have an other questing for when i'm rich. What awakener gems do i have to get first. I did some red maps and dmg is falling of hard :( And sorry about my english :D
Hey, no problem, thats why I share it if I don't want questions I would not do.

For Awkener Gems, the only real important one is Spell Cascade because it basically doubles your balls and also has less dmg reduction. CwC is nice too but its a upgrade of maximum 10% at max level (0.33 down to 0.3 at level 5).

What really would help you in defense is ES gain on hit either via Watchers Eye or Ring (really cheap).

Also I see your gems none have quality yet so this will also bring some more dmg.

And yes unnatural instinct is gross but sadly expensive also in non-hc league.

Maybe not use the the points below sancticity but allocate them for dmg, especially corrupted soul I tried but felt worse defense wise.
Yep. My gear is just basic stuff. I am trying to level a little more, reset gems for qualy, a ring with es on hit and one with flammability on hit, than unnatural instict. Also a body armor with flat crit to spells will help dps wise. I' am enjoying this build quite a lot. I have done a chiftain and a necromancer in the past so i am used to the playstyle of that build, looking forward, and trying not to die.
Alright, I found a real miss out in dmg ... Wave of Conviction ... also I figured out we can get a lot dps by exchanging Discipline (only ~900 ES) + Precision by Zealotry and we get free Consecrated Ground on hit so we can drop Purifying Flame ...

I have to test it but for now you can find the current setup:

WHat I saw with my config of PoB VD went from 130k per hit to 190k with those changes.

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