[3.24] Volatile Dead | CwC | Inquisitor | No Mana Balancing just pure CwC


good build so far.

Have two question: Why do you use a Watcher's with Disciplin on Hit mod, when you have no Disciplin equipped and why do you use an Abyss Jewel with Cold Damage for Spells?
Ah you got me, when changing the Auras for the second PoB I did not think about the watchers eye, so yes for the second build Variant its useless.

The Abyss Jewel with Cold Damage, honestly I had no other one and was to lazy to buy one, Crit and HP/ES would be the right stats to search for.
Hey for some reason the POB links do not work in 3.13 if you could screenshot it or post a new one that would be awesome.
Hello deadlynstuff,

did you use classic PoB or community Version?

alternatively you can check my character:
https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Mirathas/characters -> RIT_ARMA
Awesome man appreciate it. My tree was similar but lacking alot of dps in spots.
excellent guide! and i really like the concept of having desecrate in the 6L cwc

is there a way we can push the DPS on the build (with investment) outside of awakened/ +lvl 21/20 gems, and gg jewels?

Actually I have no idea except using a build with Desecrate outside of the CwC Link.

Maybe a perfect crafted Staff with CwC so it becomes a 7-link but the Martyr staff is already extremely good for Dmg.
yo thanks for the reply! another question - in the pob i changed the Asc to use "inevitable judgement" over the nodes "Augury of Penitence" thinking the dps would be better but it actually halved the dps - do you know why this happens?

the monster res for "inevitable judgement" is set to 0 and cant go negative or positive, without using flammability, the build dps still gets halved...and i can't figure out why!

i'll be running the build as a league start on sat and will likely path the way u did for ur asc so i guess i'm just after an explanation plz :D

sick build btw
Hello Hypox2,

its not only Flammability:

-19% res from Combustion
-31% res from Flammability
-25% res from Wave of Conviction (-15 with 3.14 Patch)
=> -75% Resists

Inevitable Judgement:
Resists = 0%

Strangely PoB seems to calculate that correctly but still lists the modifiers in "calc" tab

Oh and if you select Sirus as target its way less impact because tough bosses have higher resists. But still better.

normal Enemy => -75% resist
Sirus => -25% resist
without Judgement.

Not to mention the Fact that the Judgement only works for Crits! With ~70% crit chance we have 30% of hits affected by resistance.
Last edited by Mirathas on Apr 15, 2021, 10:10:27 AM
thx for the info that makes complete sense! only 5hrs 30 until i get to play this build!

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