[3.24] Volatile Dead | CwC | Inquisitor | No Mana Balancing just pure CwC

Youre welcome, Have Fun!
If you accidentially find a better leveling idea for 1-38 just tell me :-)
Hi, Will you update the tree to 3.14? One the bottom there is "This is an older tree version, which may not be fully compatible with the current game version. [Convert to 3.14]"
Done, just no change, only clicked update to 3.14 :-)
Will later check for changes because Flesh and Stone reservation increase, guess we drop it and mana reservation nodes.
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I leveled freezing pulse self cast to 28. worked well.

I don't know about this build. I tried it for 3.14 and although it works, I cannot recommend as a league start as I did.

It must be super fun when everything is rolling and you are sprinting through content, but as a league starter with not a lot of currency invested you die a lot. I'm not sure how the previous poster said he could play this in HC.

Solid build with investment. fun to play. just going to shelve mine a bit until the season is further along.

Thanks for the guide and a fun build to play brother.

alternatively, I've been trying out to see if I like DD instead of VD. Did you do any testing and see if one out performs the other?

I did not do testing much but alone the fact that we are not reliying on the corpse detonate but on the balls which are targeting this is way superior for clearspeed and you can go pratically ranged for bosses while beeing maximum mobile.
I have (easily) leveled so far.

Started with Ire until 12, then picked Storm Brand because I couldn't hold in place and cast during the Ultimatum encounters. I rushed to unlock Dessecrate (linked spell cascade) in act 2 and immediately went into using Volatile Dead (linked with spell cascade as well) with a 1-2 combo.

What I did do that I felt helped a lot was picking Herald of Purity and throw a Summon Phantasm in there. It creates lots of self renewable meat shields which helps a lot and doesn't need any upkeep.

I still died a couple of times but only in Ultimatum encounters which can be pretty deadly. I reckon the second I hit 38 and can cyclone while creating flaming balls of death instead of pausing to do two casts my survivability will increase even more.
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Aw man, I just wanted to add to my previous post. I bulled through casting Volatile Dead manually since I wanted the mana for Herald of Purity linked with summon phantams as meat shields. It worked alright, the damage was, perhaps, a bit low, but I was ignoring everything gear related and still had two white starter wands.

I reached 38, got Cast while Channeling, and took a quick glance at unique staves. Replica Bloodthorn does 100% fire damage and attack speed. Seemed good, grabbed it for 2c, grabbed a Tabula (Ultimatum has been generous for my lowbie starter character), and suddenly I'm no longer with two-casts-to-make-six-balls. Now I'm with 20+ balls in the screen, my mana does not dip, Ultimatum encounters are being smushed, and things are dying off screen before they even get close :D

Kudos for giving me the guts to ignore the meta of Scolds. I really dislike it. This may be lower damage but its much more fun.
Quick update again. Reached act 5 and started failing Ultimatums. I'm way too squishy.

I got discouraged, went to sleep, woke up this morning, slapped myself, ditched the Herald of Purity setup, made a CwdT setup with a stone golem and Immortal Cry as well as grabbing Flesh and Stone. I had to (manually) grab Sovereignty but will respec out once I get a Thread of Hope.

Unsurprisingly my survivability shot up and I've returned to beating Ultimatum encounters :)

I'm currently running Herald of Ash, Vitality, Discipline, Flesh and Stone.
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Tip for leveling, after reach lvl38 and start using cwc vd, buy a Ngamahu sign ring. you will gain up to 30 life on hit. its a huge help until you can buy better gear

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Another quick update. Flamamability on hit opens at 48 or maybe even lower. I waited until 60 to buy it -_- What a dumbass I am. Each ball transmits the Flammability curse so the damage is much boosted.

Also waited until 60 to buy the Martyr which, again, dumbass, since the staff opens at 52 and the damage boost is absurd. I went from 3k balls to nearly 8k.

At 63 I bought Stamped and with all of these in I'm terrorizing Ultimatum encounters. To begin with mobs simply don't catch up to me as I spin around the Ultimatum circles. They just can't catch me. Combined with the big damage boost I'm cleaning it.

Reached the big spider act boss and the poor thing died from all the balls slamming into her after the roleplay.

The author also mentions a energy shield on hit ring (for cheap) but after exhaustive research this mod does not exist for rings. Maybe he meant leech?

I have also tried a '+3 ES on attack' jewel but noticed almost no difference since the balls don't activate it. It does -something-, but barely anything. I'm going to accumulate currency and try for an ES Watcher's Eye since it's what I think will give me the bigger survival boost.

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