[3.9] Sad of Dying - The undying Juggernaut Build

3.9 Update
So far I see no major change, only less Health on Chest due to the removals of fossil crafts.
Also Passive Tree shall be mostly unaffected.

3.8 Update
Effectively we don't see any real nerf with the new patch.
Only Range of Cyclone is a bit less but still good enough.
So all in all the Build still works fine.

I switched to Desecrate which got buffed plus Volatile Dead and DPS and Clearspeed is incredible now (see current Gear for details)

Beeing more the lazy guy I tried lots of builds utilizing trigger mechanics and except for Rico's life Mjolner build I ran mostly into one issue: Dying!

Stumbling upon a very interesting item:

I decided to create my own build letting my char in best case never die.

The Idea
Basically the build evolves around having Endurances charges grant each:
* 500 armour
* 4% to all resistance
* 1% reduced elemental damage
* 4% physical damage reduction
* 1.0% life regen per second
* 13% increased damage
* 9% area of effect
And we have 9-11 of them based on which items are chosen.

As damage base I choose Cyclone - CoC - Purifying Flame as the passive tree I used as basis was a left over of a Ngamahu Slayer build utilizing much crit nodes and it seemed to be a good base with just minor changes for more crit and survivability.

Achieved Survivability so far
* ~1400 life regen
* ~1500 life leech
* 90% physical damage reduction
* 76/75/75 resistances with enough buffer for reduction from map mods
* ~6700 life
* 5% evade and 22% block chance
* leech continues on full life and applies to ES (only with original gear!)
* stun immunity

Skill Tree / PoB
PoB (original): https://pastebin.com/1hVpq2DT
POB (Dual Wield old): https://pastebin.com/jH2wVqc9
PoB (One Hand + Shield): https://pastebin.com/x7NYMKKr
PoB (3.7): https://pastebin.com/PaZZuUuR
PoB (current): https://pastebin.com/GuBVEGNY

Major focus in tree is on crit and endurance charges + life.

Ascendency / Bandits
Unstoppable and Unflinching is required.

For DPS choose:
Undeniable + Unyielding

For even more Survivability you can choose:
Unbreakable + Unrelenting

You can also mix them.

Bandits just kill all, two skill points give too much stuff e.g. 10% max. life.

Original gear

Old Dual Wield Gear

One Handed + Shield

After a lot of testing and theory calculation I figured out I was at way to much Crits per Second.
I tried to reduce Attack Speed in Tree and Equip but was not satisfied with the result.
I found another interesting Way: Using a shield.

So I did rebuild the tree a bit and bought a nice shield and now I am at same DPS (at least it fells like) and have more Life and Defences.

Another nice and budget shield is:

Dual Wield Dual Trigger

Having a second thought on CoC trigger limit I tried to use two triggered spells and it worked out very well in terms of damage.
So this is a very nice alternative to the Onehand + Shield.

Desecrate & Volatile Dead

Desecrate and Volatile Dead do a hell of DPS especially on a very big area.
Ngamahus Ring helps a lot in surviving with 30 heal per ignite and we do ignite a lot due to combustion.
Also the Amulet shown seems pretty nice as budget option to Xophs

Exept for Nebuloch and at least one Kaom's Way I would say all equip is optional but the other uniques are more or less BiS.
Just make sure to get resistances capped and Cyclone cost reduced to zero.

CoC Formula
According to Rico's calculation we shall not have more than ~6 Hits per second on a 150ms cooldown skill (CoC in this case) if we don't have cooldown recovery speed.

Calculation for this build is:

1 / (Attack Speed * Hit Chance * Effective Crit Chance) (of Cyclone, according to PoB)

This Value shall not be less than 0.165 if you have only one triggered spell, compare:
Section: "About target APS for Cyclone"

Life is first priority.
Afterwards crit % and elemental damage + missing resists.

One Watchers Eye with "% of Fire Damage Leeched as Life while affected by Anger" adds pretty much survivability, especially in low/no regen maps.

Budget Oil:
Amber Oil+Verdant Oil+Teal Oil => Depth Perception
+100 to Accuracy Rating , 15% increased Global Accuracy Rating , +20 to Dexterity , 25% increased Critical Strike Chance"

Other nice option:
Clear Oil+Violet Oil+Violet Oil => Pain Forger
60% increased Critical Strike Chance with Maces and Sceptres , 5% reduced Enemy Stun Threshold with Maces and Sceptres , 8% chance to gain a Power Charge when you Stun with Melee Damage"

Teal Oil+Opalescent Oil+Golden Oil => Lust for Carnage
12% increased Attack Speed , 1.2% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life , 20% increased total Recovery per second from Life Leech"

One for Bleeding:

Rest 40% Damage nad Move Speed:

Luxury options
* better rolls on equip (especially Nebuloch)
* bleed immunity ring
* 2 Abyss Sockets in the boots
* Watcher's Eye with multiple Anger mods
* Elder Kaom's Way + Mark of the Shaper instead of two Kaom's


Chest (6L):

This is our main DPS setup.
Purifying Flame seems to do more Damage than Wave of Conviction with my Gear, but you can also use it.
If you are going Dual Wield just use Flame and Conviction, just remove Added Fire Damage.
Other Option is Desecrate + Volatile Dead (see current Gear)

Aura Setup (4L):

CWDT (3L):

Just some Damage and nice Explosions.

CWDT (4L):

Curse (3L):

You can put whichever curse you want, Flammability does most damage addition.

CWDT (2L):

Adds some nice Damage Debuff to enemies, personally I added Portal to this for QoL.

As I had leveled the char before even thinking about this build so I have no real experience leveling it at the moment.

Anyhow as:
has very similar passive tree I believe leveling as described in this guide should work here too. I did that on a slayer and it was pretty smooth.
If anyone can confirm this to be a good way, would be much appreciated.

Hard to say, I invested ~10 ex total for the current gear, but I would say the build works also with less investment.

One friend playing SSF said, he already has nearly all equipment, so I guess it is at least SSF viable (Nebuloch is Elder on Lvl 6+ Map).
Hardcore may be an option at least this would be the major target of this build.

* lesser / no regen is doable with decent leech
* elemental reflect is definitely impossible.
* T16 multimod is possible.
* normal Atziri was very easy
* Lab: Not tested but should be very easy due to regen
* Shaper/Elder: not tested

Potential Issues
Stuttering Visuals/Spells
For sure having to much visuals may cause this.
I am not 100% sure but also to much Attack Speed / Critical Chance may cause this, I added a lvl 1 Precision to my setup because I had 22 Mana left unreserved and it seemed to stutter casting resulting in less DPS, deactivating Precision instantly increased my clear speed and made the game fluent again.
So having more crits then 6.66 per second is to much seems to make CoC stutter.

First of all Life is criticcal, it should not be below 6k for endgame content.
Also watch your Debuffs, Bleeding from high level Legion removes Life pretty fast.

On a first try I did not die at all up to T16 multimod Maps.
But recently reaching to deep into Delve I died some times (~220).
Also in some very bad combination situations I got outdpsed by the enemy.

With regards to Bleeding which was a recent threat I can say in most cases it just does nothing now, in the rarest cases I just use flask.

If you have any feedback or great improvement idea feel free to comment.

[3.7] T16 Minotaur, died once due to beeing to dump to move out of Lightning
[3.7] T15 Corrupted Shaped Plateau - 10 Mods
[3.7] Delve 250 - Just to show current Build Status
[3.7] Proof of Concept: T16 Minotaur, Dual Wield with two Skills CoC
[3.8] Defiled Cathedral Corrupted 10 Mods

Much inspiration came from:
Especially the base for the passive tree.

2019-08-07 Build created
2019-08-09 Updated gear, added lots of information
2019-08-10 Added a Watcher's Eye, Alternative Aura Vitality
2019-08-11 Moved some life nodes around to reach life cluster
2019-08-12 Added my first Video of a T16 Map
2019-08-16 Added Bandit Info
2019-08-17 Switched to Purifying Flame + More DPS from Tree
2019-08-17 Added Formula for CoC and switched to Shield in Offhand
2019-08-19 Added Video of Dual Wield Dual Trigger Build Option
2019-08-20 Added Details of Dual Wield Dual Trigger Build Option
2019-09-07 Added 3.8 information
2019-09-11 Added Oil Options
2019-09-21 Updated Build ith current Gear/Skills
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Will give this a g, ty for sharing.
One thing I have to admit... I died already :-(
Anyhow I have done some redesign lately on gear, which seems to perform better, just have to update the build, hopefully I will do so soon.

Edith says: Build has been updated to recent gear.
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After doing some adaptions on tree, adding a watchers eye with LGoH with Vitality and Fire Damage Leech with Anger, the Build got a lot stronger in terms of survivability.
Reached Level 93 (in Lvl 14/15 Maps) & Delve 235+ without dying anymore.
You can find a second one:
[3.7] Sad of Dying - The undying Juggernaut | T15 Corrupted Shaped Plateau - 10 Mods

Featuring Mods:
Many Totems
+25% Monster Damage
+25% Monster Chaos Resist
+40% Monster Elemental Resist
60% less effect of curses
50% reduced Flask charges
30% less armour
40% reduced block chance

This was a great success whereas Blood rage nearly killed me multiple times :-)
Since Blight League removed the limitations on Desecrate I am at the moment using Desecrate + Volatile Dead as triggered Skills and Clearing Speed is incredibly fast.
Will update the build hopefully this weekend with more details.
Hi there.
I’m trying the mace and shield build out at the moment but I can’t figure out how you get so much intelligence. On the tree you only have 94 and nothing on any of the items or the abyss jewels that are on the abyss items. I play on console so I don’t know what jewels you have slotted in the tree as I use the mobile app to view it.

there are 12+16 from jewels I have socketed, 30 from the head craft.
All other is from the tree.
How do you get elder kaom's way?

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