[3.??] juju's exBest CoC'k Ice Nova Build ||| CI / GB / Max Block ||| exGOD TIER BUILD...!!!

Please keep in mind that guide was fully updated for 3.14 and changes has happened like mana stuff and new passive tree. Basics are still here and it works but with a cost. New meta is using aegis aurora and determination for tank

I hardly recommend playing this as occultis and with my new setup. I have made guide here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3277048

PLEASE DON'T MESSAGE ME IN-GAME. ITS ONE OF THE REASONS I MADE THIS GUIDE! Everything you need should be in here or Kami's guide! If have question ask it here!

First of all if you are new to CoC Ice Nova check out Kami's guide https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2733675 It is more starter friendly and has good info! If you are experienced player and know CoC mechanics you are in right place!
This guide wont be noob friendly!

About me: I am a guy with no-life (CI) who have spent over 1000hours playing different versions of CoC Ice Nova! This is THE BEST overall setup when it comes to Defense/survivability/DPS/speed and all around best/most fun build of coc ice novas!

Read info from page 76-> Guide is still on 3.14state before all (mana)nerfs
3.19-3.21 no big nerfs
3.18 same as 3.17. Occultist is still superior compared to assasin
3.17 some changes but occultis and LL is too superior compared to assasin
3.16 new skill tree (nerfs to this version and buff to LL)
3.15 mana stuff changed

3.14 Gear and info
Nothing too major nerfs for 3.14 league. We wont be using explo chest anymore and will use just attack crit chest as priority. Frost bomb nerf is like 10% dps loss so nothing big for end game. Could feel the nerf for early game tough against bosses :D Since making nice shield in 3.14 is kinda hard your first priority will be getting ES on block with high ES on shield. After that spell block or mana reserve would be nice.

My gear 2weeks in to league, level 100!



Pob fork: https://pastebin.com/ebmQjR6d
I am pretty happy what achieved in 2weeks :D Did mostly shaper/elder guardians and pure uul's runs to lvl 100. Nothing crazy currency strats or crafting. Also no big drops this time. Crafted most of the gear myself!

Think this is the last gear before i am going to sell it. After 3½ leagues of coc ice novas i need something fresh! Was able to do all content in game with this pretty smoothly.

Notable stats of char
- 7400ES
- 100% elemental ailment immunity
- Culling strike (from megalo)
- Good damage for all content
- 52cooldown
- 5% ES on block/12 spell block shield (not so easy to get in 3.14)
- 75% Attack block with Glancing Blows
- 74% Spell block with Glancing Blows
- Stun immune (if killed recently)
- Had balanced resist for most of league for abusing wise oak. It makes difference in tankiness!

Could have improved still a lot this char. Like getting tailwind boots and closer to 10.1APS :) This league i never actually got ES on hit watchers. Since i found my double damage watcher i never got it sold and it was anyway perfect for Uul runs so was okay using it. If would have kept playing this my first big upgrade would have been ES on hit with one damage mod to get tankiness!

The Build
This build can do all content like a joke with ~100ex budget. Only thing we cant do is no regn maps and ele reflect (can run with sextant tough)
- t16 100% delirium fully juiced = super easy
- t19 100% delirium fully juiced = still easy
- Legion ~5rows of loot (4rows min)
- Simulacrum 5-6 rows of loot always depending on RNG
- All bosses just die like a white mob if enough good gear
- In 3.13 delved to depth: 1515
Could have gone deeper but league ended :D
at delve 1515
Depth: 730 Grand Architect DONE
Depth: 806 Lich DONE
Depth: 666 Crystal King DONE

Stopped trying bosses deeper. Could do for sure but 1-shot potent is strong :D Everything went super smooth until about 1200depth where monsters can start 1shot depending on map mods. I still have fairly good chance to complete nodes at 1515 depth where map mods and area means more than actual depth. I have still easily overkill damage for this content ^^ Delving is time consuming stuff would like to see how deep i can get with my 3.13 setup but ritual ends soon... maybe i do some delving in standard for science :D


Expensive HH version 100% delirium https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScSO6QMRscs

Expensive 52cd explo version Cortex https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzSi1MzG5-E
Expensive 52cd explo version Uber Elder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Daf6tSM61oQ

Passive tree
You should always have one large cluster and 1-2medium clusters on setup (Cluster section)

Large Thread of hope, pick these: Arcane Focus - Snowforged - Utmost Intellect - Heart of Ice. Optional but would still pick: Breath of Rime - Light Eater - Practical Application <- if need dext/str

Basic one

Example tree where to save skill points if low level https://poeplanner.com/AQABABEABgAAVgAHBDkGDxFAFi8XchoUHQIfGB_0Ii0kTylGLL8s1i_vMVgy2DoNO708Dz06Qv5GBkdRSbNMMFBCUGBR-1E1U9ZVMVhrXGpfQ2PnZFRmnmYIbAtsGW27fLB9xn-kgEiEe4V9hTaMdoxGj_qPJ5PxlJWX9Jchm6GbPJ4voZisMbc4t4q-xcFtw4rGFs0f0NDQXtvn22LjY-sY7Djs6-_V8Irx4fIG8_r11_fS-qr7AQAA______________________8FGB__VGb_L6H_6-__ivH_AAEAAAABAP____________8=

If you are lvl 95-100 You can just follow my POB tree. It is absolutely min/maxed taking a lot of things in mind while doing it. There are some noob traps i see people take that will never be worth the passive points if you have even semi decent crit multi jewels :D

If you follow my pob tree. The 5points that go to UI jewel spot is OPTIONAL and should be used for another large or medium cluster!!!

Pick Zealot's Oath if using Bottled Faith for juicy regn (optional, i like it personally but you can skip it for sure!)

Ok things to pick before you start super min/maxing:
- Assassination
- Throatseeker <-This could be count as a noobtrap if you compare it to double crit jewel with 8% ES for example (Don't think i have ever picked it as CI)
- Mana reserve small point next to 'Influence' if have mana issues
-'Mana' small point 10% mana 20mana if have mana issues

Noobtraps to never pick:
- Arcane Potency
- Doom cast
Updating more later if i see stupid stuff from poe.ninja

Defenses and Build explained
This build have these things:
- 5% ES on block shield <- Key thing what makes this the BEST version!
- 75% Attack block with Glancing Blows
- 74% Spell block with Glancing Blows (can be lower depending on gear)
- ~6k-10k ES depending on gear choices
- Super high damage while still having strong defenses (with semi strong gear)
- Big AOE (can be optimized how you like)
- High movement speed (With my current gear)
- 100% elemental ailment immunity (this is so extremely underrated mod...)
- Balanced resists to abuse Wise Oak flask
- Cinderswallow flask that makes mapping like a joke
- Damage? Yes

APS/Cooldown recovery and Crit/Accuracy chance
VERY IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW!!! This reddit thread have all explained go read it.

BP0 At 0-13% CDR you need to stay below 6.07 APS

BP1 At 14-51% CDR you need to stay below 7.58 APS <- Recommend to get this minimum!

BP2 At 52%-57% CDR you need to stay below 10.2 APS <- You would need AWK CoC gem + Boots & belt with COOLDOWN

READ: seems that hitting exact 7.57APS is very common. THIS SHOULD BE FINE! PLEASE read page 9 of guide. I still have no 100% confirmation :/

Accuracy and Crit chance
Important for cyclone get 100% or close as you can to 100%. Recommend having minimum 95%. if you have like 97% accuracy then it may not be worth to force 100% depending on all gear choices etc... As easy explained Accuracy and crit chance for cyclone is same thing and you need them both to be close to 100% as you can or you will lose casts/DPS. You still want to hit 100% crit chance with ice nova but it is more important to get cyclonon crit/accuracy first!

Headhunter or 52cooldown for endgame?
They are both great choices and have own benefits.
- Lose 800-2000ES compared to decent/top tier rare belt
- Max cooldown breakpoint is 14%
- Get Super Dexterity boost that is nice
- All headhunter buffs are great... Do we even have to talk about them here? It can break the APS/cooldown setup but really its NOT A THING you have to worry about. You still need to follow APS/cooldown rules if using HH! When you get those buffs you are almost impossible to die.
- We don't rely about HH buffs that is extremely great! We don't have the pain when doing 100% delirium maps like IL/self-curse builds have (like dying if 1beyond boss left in map after buffs expire :D)
- Need -3 mana craft on ring since you will have too much speed sometimes and mana will be 0
- Stupid level of movement speed with some buffs on

- More ''base'' DPS than HH
- Way more ES than HH
- You will absolutely DELETE all bosses with 52cooldown

At the end it just comes to your playstyle what prefer. They are both amazing options! Try them both and test what like more.

No money for HH or 52cooldon setup? It's absolutely fine! you wont need them but its insane for endgame ;)

In depth explanation why this is THE BEST CoC ice nova
Low life (LL)
Has more DPS than any other version. All you literally need is 6-link shavs and prism guard shield.

Bad things about this is that your defenses are BAD and you will die way more than low tier CI/GB/Max block char. If you mostly do bossing and know bossmechanics then LL is best option for you! Again i will say this, defenses are TRASH compared to my version.

Qosmoz's detailed LL guide https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2971773

I don't have to write anything about this because i know your life build is absolutely TRASH compared to my build without even checking your gear if assassin. If you want to play serious life version coc ice nova i would recommend pathfinder but its more expensive and not really viable in first week of league.

CI (no max block)
Can focus more on DPS. Again defenses are trash and you will die way more often than my version

CI/GB/Max Block (this build)
Now we are talking.
- Massive defenses compared to all other versions
- Damage is little bit lower than previous versions but trust me you will easily get at a point where you wont even notice damage difference...
- You will survive all content about 50x better than other versions since we have GOOD defenses.
- Absolutely best version for 100% delirium fully juiced content (hard to die)
- Best/most fun version overall

Tried to pick loot and died? Died in alva because missclicked? LAgGing? Talking with jun and died? etc. If you were playing my version you would have mostlikely survived! Difference in tankines is day and night...

Cost of build
I pretty much always self craft all of my gear since items wont simple exist on market at first weeks of league. Anyway it will be so much cheaper to craft everything yourself since we can abuse harvest (Can buy harvest craft from TFT discord) If you know what doing u can even start CoC ice nova as life based at league start and switch to CI/Block when have ES gear. If you want to start this in middle of league then sorry i don't know how much it all would cost :D All depends so much on rare gear mods.

Week1-1month estimations:
Starter tier: 5ex
Good killer tier: 25ex
Can do most content: 50ex
Doing 100% deli maps: +100ex
Game is a joke tier: 2mirrors

It will be way more expensive at month 2 of league!

(3.13) Super expensive full DPS helm versions

This is for those few people that has multiple mirrors to burn.

Headhunter! pob: https://pastebin.com/dkg1GPxt
It is absolutely insane for all content in game :D Best defense/damage ratio of any HH version that has been build ;) Don't really know what to write here... its most insane char i have ever played in poe. Damage is about doubled from 1power charge -12 cold helm setup! Boots has cooldown that we don't really need but its still nice to have. We can easily swap this with the 52cooldown explo version!

- all bosses just die super fast
- 14cooldown BP and 7.50aps
- Balanced resist for wise oak abuse
- Stun immune (if killed recently)
- 100% chance to avoid elemental ailment
- ~6300 es
- 74% attack and 74% spell block
- Blind from two sources
- Damage is absolutely insane
- About 100x better survivability than non block CI glass cannons
- Headhunter buffs for absolutely insane mapping
- Offscreen explosions

52cooldown explo! pob: https://pastebin.com/eUZ8EZD8
This is pretty much best we could make of 52cooldown setup with max block and explo chests! All content with this char feels like doing a white map... :D

- all bosses die extremely fast
- awk9 sirus last phase ~1.5seconds
- 52cooldown and 9.70aps
- Balanced resist for wise oak abuse
- Stun immune (if killed recently)
- 100% chance to avoid elemental ailment
- ~6550 es
- 74% attack and 74% spell block
- Blind from two sources
- Damage is absolutely insane
- About 100x better survivability than non block CI glass cannons
- Offscreen explosions
- More base damage than HH version without buffs

I made updated version without megalo https://pastebin.com/B1XbwcQM

Full boss killer! pob: https://pastebin.com/tZae5sc5
This is 100% boss killer with absurd DPS! Its pretty much most insane boss killer coc ice nova that has been put together :D We have more DPS than top CI build without max block at this point :DDD Obviously well built LL build will always have more dps since more auras but they are glass cannons. We still have more DPS than most LL builds while having max block!

- awk9 sirus last phase ~1 seconds
- all bosses just melt like butter
- 52 cooldown and 9.79aps
- Balanced resist for wise oak abuse
- Stun immune (if killed recently)
- 70% chance to avoid elemental ailment (can be increased)
- ~7250 es
- 75% attack and 74% spell block
- Blind from two sources
- Damage is absolutely insane
- About 100x better survivability than non block CI glass cannons

We have upgraded some gems and small things since we posted this! Too lazy to update it here :D


Jewels used for HH and 52CD explo build

Few days before ritual league ending i figured out about 5-7% ailment immunity abyssal jewel implic :D I made the 52cd explo build even better now with my circle of fear i have been using in ritual.

Here is the updated pob: https://pastebin.com/B1XbwcQM

Thanks to Tengrii_ for making this possible!

(3.13) Endgame gear
Pob fork: https://pastebin.com/YDkSu0MS



Cluster Jewels

Note: Could drop zealot's oath/written in blood/breath of rime/light eater for another large cluster for even more DPS

In Depth gear section

Cospris no other choice here

IMPORTANT: Follow APS/cooldown rules and check how much attack speed need!

There are multiple good enchants:
Best cheap all around would be Increased AOE/accuracy enchant from harvest
There are some insane endgame HEIST enchants you can get but only worth to focus on super lategame!

Titanium spirit shield with 3-5% es on block mod

- YOU NEED 5% es on block mod ALWAYS!!! (suffix, can be forced on shield with harvest since its only def suffix)[/span]
- You want two high ES prefixes
- Last prefix mod can be what ever u like
- Spell block
- 10-15%mana reserve mod so you can skip enlighten gem (3.13 used 10% mana reserve since it was enough with my herald of ice mana reduce helm)

for endgame you want always titanium base
3.14note: We want HIGH es with es on block as priority!!!

Body armour
Rare Vaal Regalia with attak crit mod

- Two ES prefixes (flat es and % es)
- +1.01 Attack crit suffix
- Rest suffixes can be resist or what ever
- Elevated mods only worth for late endgame

Use Vaal Regalia base ALWAYS!
3.14note: No more explo. Get attack crit as priority

Rare Hubris

- You want -9% / 12% cold res mod (awakened not super important)
- On budget just get stats you need.
- Having open suffix for 25% elemental ailment craft helps
- Check ''What do i upgrade next part?''
- Mods more important than enchant

For endgame use always hubris base (ilvl85 and over for -9cold mod)
3.14note: Would advice using -9 cold resist and skip +1power charge. Will be extremely hard to get -9/+1power helmet with other good mods.
- Best would be: 40% Increased Ice Nova damage. But since its stupidly expensive on ilvl+85 hubris i have skipped this in every league... cost/value for it is super bad since you better upgrade other items for this price rather than buying 40% enchant :D
- 24% Increased Ice nova AOE is great and way cheaper, also for just mapping you can argue it being better than 40% damage mod.
- Herald of Ice 30% reduced mana reserve is great early league and even on late game. Makes huge difference on mana reserve and best case scenario would be to save 1-2skill points on tree. Personally i am starting every league with this!
- Hatred and other mana reserve enchants good option too!

It really depends on all of your gear/gems if you even really need more mana reserve.

Check ''Super expensive full DPS helm versions'' This changes build in multiple ways and is only for SUPER rich players!

Rare Sorcerer or Fingerless

- On budget just get mods you need!
- 30-50% Cold damage against chilled mod is good (comes with 46-48cold resist)
- Having open suffix for 25% elemental ailment craft helps

Personally this will be first item where i start gambling with maven's orb for that juicy culling/15-25% AOE and Unnerve for good DPS boost! Elevating unnerve is not too important since with even 7% chance it will be always on bosses anyway.

Enchant: Commandment of Blades on hit is probably best enchant. Its not too important for this build! Sure there are other good ones too.

Always use Sorcerer or Fingerless silk base for endgame!

Rare Sorcerer

- Get mods you need
- Prefer elemental ailment t2-t1 mod as soon as possible so can start focus on 100% elemental ailment immunity
- For super endgame get tailwind (depending on gear/budget elevated tailwind)
- If playing 52cooldown you need cooldown recovery mod

Personally after day1 i never use boots with lower than 30-35 movement speed ^^

Best ones: 80% chance to Avoid being Stunned if you've Killed Recently AND Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently great DPS boost on bosses
There are some other OK ones.

Always use sorcerer boots as base for endgame

Rare ring

- Get filler stats you need
- For endgame and when you have awakened hextouch get Assasin's mark in. Assasins mark is amazing on bosses!
Important 1. If you are using headhunter you need open prefix for -3channeling cost of skills craft
Important 2. If not using headhunter you should get adds xx-xx to fire and cold damage prefix craft so you can IGNITE (cinder and sadist)

Circle of Fear

- Early league/budget get cold damage + mana reserve mod
- Mid/endgame Cold damage + Buff effect
- Implic mods can be great (check them)
- For money boys get 25% ailment immunity or a godly DPS mods like power charge stuff as implic

Pandemonius is one of the best cost/value item in whole game. GET IT!

Rare amulet with 3-4DPS mods can be option and even with this it can be hard to compete against pandemonius with all its stats. If you really want to use rare amulet it should be last rare item to upgrade!

Best enchant: Tranquility gold-gold-azure. Everyone should use this at endgame for huge DPS boost and 5% es. Gladiatoral Combat can be option if have ~400es shield
Nice early league/budget: Depth Perception amber-verdant-teal
There are probably 20more decent cheap ones for early game :P

There are few options
1. Early league buy literally any belt with 14%+ cooldown
2. If you don't have lvl 3 awk coc gem you need 14%+ cooldown belt. If you play 52cooldown then you need cooldown mod from belt always!

3. Headhunter.

You can get absolutely insane rare crystal ES belts. One example with not even close to perfect mods!

30% increased Accuracy Rating while you have Onslaught
15% increased Area of Effect while you have Arcane Surge

Rare crit multi

Massive DPS boost! Try get 6-8%ES and 2x crit multi on budget.

Thread of Hope (large)

Frozen Trail

You should get Corrupted Blood implic on this one

Watchers eye

Most important mod is ES on hit. Get it first and when budget allows buy 2-3mod wachers!
15% cold pen is best DPS mod

Militant Faith

You want Dominus for the keystone. Can be rolled with divines 1/3 chance!

Important: Bottom mods stays always! You can start with base mods and then roll name with divines
Top Tier mods: Elemental damage and Area damage
Good tier mods: All resist and defenses from shield

Rare Hypnotic (Optional depending on gear choices)

If using Headhunter you need this for IGNITE! Or if cant use xx-xx fire damage craft on ring (ignite because cinder/sadist)
Any xx-xx Fire damage mod

UI (very optional and prefer only if you are level 96+)

What i get going to UI spot:
26% spell damage
7% attack speed + 8% Harrier
30% accuracy <-- I hit 100% accuracy with this! HUGE difference maker at the end to get 100% accuracy
9% cast speed + 6% harrier (does this actually boost any skill?)
9% movement speed + 5% Harrier
5 dext and int (needed that 5dex to hit 212)

What i gained?
1. Best min/maxed attack speed breakpoint for me
2. 100% accuracy
3. A lot of movement speed that i wont get anywhere else

You should use another large or medium cluster instead UI depending on all gears and what you prefer personally

Cluster jewels
Large cold with 8passives (use this always)

- For budget use just Blankenet Snow or 2 good mod one
- Best combo in my mind is: Blankenet Snow and Sadist and what ever third passive. Currently i am not using Disorienting Display!
- Widespread Destruction is good third passive to pick!

Medium shock

Cold conduction/Astonishing Affliction as combo. This is good DPS boost

Medium AOE (optional! But still feel like this is best second cluster)

- Nice AOE boost and more DPS
- Usually really cheap and easy to make yourself

Medium unnerve/blind (Optional! Good if using rare amulet)

Unnerve + blind for 4seconds. Only worth using with rare amulet!

Another good combo depending on your gloves. Usually super expensive early league!
Master of Fear
Enemies you Curse are Unnerved
Wish for Death
You have Culling Strike against Cursed Enemies
Curse Skills have 20% increased Skill Effect Duration

Elegant Form (optional)

- Gives 30% Chance to avoid Elemental Ailments

Use this if you cant get 100% Elemental Ailment Immunity, no matter what it will always be worth 2 skill points to get elemental ailment immunity.


Megalo is good option too, heavily RNG based but you can find some insane value from these. Good idea for upcoming leagues to get megalomania with Elegant Form and two other super mods. Then get 100% elemental ailment immunity like this: 30% jewel + 20% Arcane Swiftness from tree + 50% elevated shaper boots

Best endgame setup


If you don't have 100% Elemental Ailment immunity then put freeze mod on flask... but seriously get the f@king Elemental Ailment immunity!

Early league/budget

+ Silver flask for onslaught (cinder makes huge difference)
+ Last flask is super optional. If you league starting then use life flask. If no money for Bottled Faith yet you can use sulphur flask or what ever really!


What do i upgrade next? Includes league start!
League start/Early game
If you know what doing you can start CoC as a 4-link [CoC-Cyclone-IceNova-Frostbolt] In middle of act7.
1. Diamond flask as reward in act7
2. frozen trail (prefer 2 at start)
3. 2x Widowmaker (or rare crit chance weapons)
4. Buy 5-link when can (with right colors, usually few C early on)
At this point we should be in white maps
6. Buy tabula or rare corrupted 6-link with right colors
7. Save everything for Cospris
8. 14cooldown+ belt
9. Save everything for Pandemonius (can make cheap rare item upgrades)
10. Any corrupted blood jewel
Flasks: Make sure you have them right. Buy wise oak for cheap when can!
At this point red maps are easy!

Mid game
This is harder to make in what order have to upgrade things but you still get the idea. When you go CI/block you need the shield with 5% es on block mod.
1. Any Cinderswallow (crit one if have money) This item makes mapping so much better but is expensive at leaguestart.
2. Upgrade BASIC rares if need more accuracy/crit etc what ever.
3. Militanth faith (any with dominus is ok)
4. Large Thread of Hope (this is insane for us)
5. Get 8passive large cluster with Blanketed Snow OR 2 other good mods.
6. Get some medium clusters in. Cold Conduction is massive DPS boost.
7. Corrupted Blood Frozen trail.
8. Circle of Fear with cheap mods (This is more optional thing)
9. Make attack crit chest.
10. Buy good base helmet and slam Redeemers Exalted orb and spam dence+frigid fossils for -9cold resist mod! Depending on prices you could use awakener orb with -9base and +1power charge. That will be MASSIVE dps boost! After 3.14 nerf not recommending -9cold/+1power since its so hard to get decent helm with other good mods! Just fossil craft high ES -9cold res helm.

Awakened gems: it is hard to tell when you SHOULD upgrade them. Better buy sooner than later since at league starts you have to level them yourself!
-Awk cast on crit gem <- Massive when it hits lvl 3 to get 14cooldown BP
-Awk Hextouch support <- Only good if you have assasin's mark ring ready! Also you get at lvl 5 the +1curse so it's a hella XP grind :D
-Awk Added cold damage <- It is usually super cheap gem, just buy when you think it will be better than INC crit chance support!

Late game
This is where things become more optional and experience kicks in. Order is not even close to 100% accurate but this is what comes first in my mind
1. Upgrade Cinderswallows 60-80% crit chance mod if don't have already
2. If you don't already have attack crit chest, craft it or buy! Elevated mod not important yet.
3. Circle of Fear with cold damage and Buff effect
4. Start focusing more on your rare jewels. Crit multi is best DPS mod! Go get some 2x crit multi with 8% es jewels for example (not super cheap after 3.14 nerfs)
5. ES on hit watchers eye <- INSANE DEFENCE BOOST!!!
6. Upgrade Militant Faith with good mods. Bottom mods stays always but you can roll name to dominus with divines (numbers do not matter on this jewel)
7. Bottled faith (i prefer having 100% ailment immunity at this point)
8. Upgrade your medium/large cluster jewels! Blanketed Snow with Sadist + third passive is expensive but try get Blanketed snow with other good mods if can!
9. Upgrade your random 5% ES on block shield with good mods/higher ES.
10. You should have upgraded your rare items to be decent/good at this point

Start of min/maxing late game
You should have all 3 awakened gems at this point!
1. At this point you should really start checking in at 100% elemental ailment immunity if don't already have it. Go get it!
2. Gloves with 7-10% chance to Unnerve and Elevated Culling strike for 25% AOE. This is first thing i would use maven's orb on. I would not recommend yet using maven's orb on unnerved mod since it is on permanently anyway even with 7% chance! (not super recommending after 3.14nerf)
3. Assasin's mark ring. Dude this makes boss killing so much better!
4. Circle of Fear with good implics
5. Headhunter or 52% cooldown setup.

I have autism tier
1. Tailwind boots with Elemental ailment mod. This is where you need to figure yourself if you NEED elevated mods. Since more APS can break the build. Same goes for ailment immunity, some will be ok with 30% and some need 50%.
2. Watchers eye with ES on hit and hatred 15cold pen. I always save money for this because cold pen is best DPS mod.
3. Elevated attack crit chest
4. Helmet with elevated -12% cold res and +1power charge mod. Power charge is useless as elevated mod for us. Trust me you will be fine with the -9% +1power helm but since its min/max craft the 12% helm and sell old helm for mega profit or double corrupt it ;)
5. Triple crit multi jewels with 8% ES
6. (OPTIONAL!) Rare 3-4 DPS mod amulet. Honestly i am not even sure if it will be worth it because blind from pandemonius is stupid good.

Virginity tier
1. ES on hit Watchers eye with two other good mods
2. Gloves with elevated unnerve + elevated culling mod. (when you really want waste money since normal unnerve mod will be on bosses 24/7anyway (If you buy them then you are in normal tier!)
3. All elevated full DPS mod helmet. This pretty much doubles damage. If you have mirrors to use then you will like it ^^

Gem setup
6-link: Cyclone - (Awk) Cast on critical - Hypothermia - Inspiration - Ice Nova - AWK Added Cold Damage

Use increased critical strikes support instead AWK added cold damage for early gaming. You have to figure out yourself when it will be worth to change it. Using Awk cast on crit is not a must but it will be massive for endgame
4-link: Vortex - (Awk) Hextouch - Frostbite - Bonechill

Awk hextouch lvl5 for endgame to get +1 curse
4 socket: Dash - Second wind - Arcane surge lvl6 + Precision

Divergent arcane surge is super POG. Also important to have it so it get casts every time you are dashing!

Important: Do not have precision linked with anything or it costs more mana
4-link: Immortal Call - Cast when damage taken - Increased duration - Vaal righteous fire

Keep CWDT on low level how you feel like. Anomalous CWDT gem is POG! Inc duration boosts both IC and vaal RF
3-link sword: Frostbolt - Ice nova - Frost bomb

Put them as this order in cospris. IMPORTANT CAST ORDER!
3-link shield: Hatred - Herald of ice - Vaal Discipline

Read: Use this if you have -mana reserve mod on shield. If you don't have it use Enlighten(lvl3-4) - Hatred - Herald of ice - Vaal Discipline in a 4-link (Drop inc duration or vaal RF support from CWDT setup) IMPORTANT FOR 3.14!!! Also vaal RF us now optional, personally i did not use it in 3.14
If you think any other alternative gem is good then go for it... but i would never update anything since getting 21/23gems is easy for normal gems and extremely hard on alternative gems

Alteration quality auras are usually expensive and hard to get as 21/20. If you have time and really want to waste currency then go buy ^^


Crafting section (Crafting pros feel free to help)
Lazy version for now. Prefer just fossils for now. :)

Body armour
Dense + Serrated fossils for attack crit mod

Dense fossils. You can also add another fossil but not sure if worth it!

Elemental ailment & Stun immunity
We want 100% Elemental ailment immunity:
Where we can get it: ''Arcane Swiftness'' from tree 20%
Shaper Boots 30-50 (you need T2 and divines to hit 30% since T2 is 23-30% T1 is 31-35%) With new elevated mod we can get 50% from boots that can be good option in some cases

30% from cluster jewel

Abyssal jewel synthesis implic 5-7%

For money boys
Good luck finding one :D
Open Crafted suffix on Gloves and helmet 25%

I would recommend getting 100% ailment immunity as fast as you can. Even using that small cluster jewel is worth it if you hit 100% no matter what gear :P

Stun immunity
Honestly in this league i never really got stunned and its super rare and i have never died because of it... haven't bothered to get 100%

Only good way to get stun immunity is: Get boot enchant with 80% if you have killed recently and last 20% comes from ''Arcane Swiftness'' Another option is that you get 8x 10% stun harvest implic. Nothing else is worth it.

- Kill all! No other option here.

1. Mistwalker
2. Unstable Infusion
3. Deadly Infusion
4. Opportunistic
This is how i did on league start and felt great. You want that movement speed first from Mistwalker! If you think Unstable Infusion is more important go for it first!

- Soul Of Lunaris
- Soul Of Gruthkul
UPGRADE ALL OF THE BONUS POINT FOR THESE!!! If you really think there is something better that fits for you go for it!

League start and early mapping (3.14)
I built little difference than most guys did early league. I went pretty much straight up to ''Disciple of the forbidden'' for dps/mana regn etc, have not done any calculations with pob but i go straight to power charge route for DPS. It seriously felt really good in 3.13!

Check the gear part in ''What do i upgrade next?''

You can play whatever shadow leveling char to campaign or switch to 4link coc ice nova at end of act7 or just make this as second char!

I will switch to CI when get a decent es on block shield and most ES gear. Large Thread of hope is massive to have when switch to CI.

Check my 3.13 gear with time machine feature.https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds/char/juju666/jujuCats

Tree Before coc https://poeplanner.com/AQABABEABgAALgAHBOcGHgdIDpYRvxZBHy0klSYLKh8t7zFYMlg6OkJRSbNMdFFLVcZV8l3iYVJwxn_bg9OJNozpjvGUIJUulVOYo6IFpJmmmKw4tEi188Ef0Bnl6-_V8Nf3l_j1-wIAAP______________________Aevv_wABAAAAAQD_____________

Tree when start to coc

You can easily modify the tree how you need to. Take precision node before you can anoint it, will make cycloning life easier! You don't really need mana reserve nodes but this can depend on your setup.

3.14 early progress
Day 1.

So far at yellow maps and my 5link without cospris is absolutely murdering all content still. All gear is pretty much self-found except for 2x widows. Got lucky to find 5link carcass from ultimatum, would have bought random 6link instead but dude i'm still good with 5link :D

Day 2.

This is pretty much last gear before i switch to CI when wake up :)
Day 4.

Bought awk coc gem for 6ex on day 3. Done 3easiest invitations and farming shaper/elder with this gear. Still dying but can do the content. Uber elder is still too hard :D

Day 5.

Got pretty decent gear now :D Have about 125% overkill resists and will fix tomorrow new gear. Just bought gem XP for my awk CoC gem so can buy a new belt! Made armor with few dense fossils but would love to have 1.5 attack crit... its good for now ^^ 6920es current gear so tomorrow even more!

Day 6.

Crafted GG armor and bought nice boots and now 100% elemental ailment immunity ^^ Tomorrow will buy cooldown belt so can switch to 52setup for massive DPS! Looking really great so far :D

Day 7. Final update!

Okay i am pretty much at end game now :D Done all content. Failed first try feared due to 3instant deaths when entered portal. Next time will do it for sure!
- 52cooldown
- 6.6K ES
- 100% elemental ailment immunity
- Stun immunity (if killed recently)
- Good damage and defense for all content

Did 21 shaper/ubers without watchers eye and then 3 uber elder and got my double damage... i will sell it for ES on hit watcher for more tankines tough :D

If i see you are using portal gem in setup i will refuse to help you. Getting too tilted when i see this wasted potent...

If have questions about your build then please make your characters public! I pretty much never check from POB. But since you can get answers from nice gentlemen's you can add pob link
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Last bumped on Apr 13, 2024, 12:29:56 PM
Guide updated: 01.04.2023
- 3.15-3.21 part

Best ice nova memes will be quoted here! Post them for more fun!

Last edited by juju666 on Apr 1, 2023, 10:17:01 AM
Im following Kami's life build, and trying to change to CI. Thx a lot for the work here and in the comments in Kami's post.
Thanks Juju! Loved your advice in the other thread.

I've made the transition to CI, still leveling. Have (bad) explode chest and ~4000k ES (lol) and still in the 80s. The clear is amazing but the bossing is rough and i feel very squishy.

Do you think taking Zealot's Oath + fitting in vitality aura + annointing warriors blood is a decent short term option for survivability? The real answer is get better gear OBVIOUSLY, but wondering if you think that will help just while I'm still grinding levels and more currency.

mort45954 wrote:
Do you think taking Zealot's Oath + fitting in vitality aura + annointing warriors blood is a decent short term option for survivability? The real answer is get better gear OBVIOUSLY, but wondering if you think that will help just while I'm still grinding levels and more currency.

You wont have best time before you hit like level ~90 since all those skill points become super important and boost build massively defensive/offensively. You have hidden all your chars so cant see what is going on.

annointing warriors blood would never be a good option for this build same goes for vitality. You just better make a TP before bosses while mapping if low level :D

Zealots oath is kinda useless until you get Bottled Faith!

Right flasks make massive difference on the overall mapping!

Pandemonius is also one of the best items you can buy for our build defense/offensively. Blind is insane safety boost from it

I will update later a part where i talk ''What order to upgrade items''
Last edited by juju666 on Feb 27, 2021, 3:08:03 AM
Hi mate! just wondering cuz im planning to make this as my final char this league...

Is the helm enchant mandatory? and even the reduced mana reserved on the shield mate?

meister1523 wrote:
Hi mate! just wondering cuz im planning to make this as my final char this league...

Is the helm enchant mandatory? and even the reduced mana reserved on the shield mate?


Will make more detailed about this later but:

With enlighten 4 - Hatred - Vaal Discipline - Herald of Ice you you get super close to the point where you need/dont need more mana reserve. You still need 'Sovereignty' and its small points. This also depends how much mana you have! You better check from POB and make sure

Haven't gotten super into this mana reservation stuff in this league since i crafted my stupid shield super early in league and always start with herald of ice mana reserve base that is always decent and helpful (you can always easily sell it and upgrade later if like)

Also not sure what numbers would be with -15mana shield since been using -10mana shield and herald of ice enchant for whole league :D

Not sure when i will update about this issue ^^
Last edited by juju666 on Feb 27, 2021, 3:08:19 AM
Thanks for the reply mate! So build gonna work just fine without the herald of ice enchant :)

Also, can you give like an example of a good CDR belt? just for reference since I don't have the currency to buy HH. Got 145ex to spend on the items but not the HH.

P.S: How did you level on the Acts?

Thanks again!
Last edited by meister1523 on Feb 20, 2021, 8:31:41 PM
meister1523 wrote:
Also, can you give like an example of a good CDR belt? just for reference since I don't have the currency to buy HH. Got 145ex to spend on the items but not the HH.

P.S: How did you level on the Acts?

Belt like this would be massive ES boost. Check with lower rolls how budget allows! https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/KnjQvjRF5

How i league started in 3.13 (posting also more about this later)

Act1-4 Freezing pulse (while leveling frostbolt and some other gems)
act4-7 Frostbolt (had 2x frozen trail jewels)
act7-> CoC ice nova as a 4-link (cyclone - cast on crit - frostbolt - ice nova)

Would recommend to play what ever TOP tier leveling char for whole campaign and early mapping. But it is absolutely doable to start with a 4-link coc ice nova build if you know what doing and what to upgrade. You can start after that act7 ''map'' quest. At this point you should have diamond flask and 2x widowmaker weapons https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/op7YKsl was like 1alc at league start. Rest of gear should give crit chance/life/resist
Last edited by juju666 on Feb 27, 2021, 3:08:33 AM
Hi, thanks for the guide man, i was following your tips on the kami guide, but was having dex problem, losing 3 passive points for dex attribute, so, i annointed utmost swiftness that solved that problem for now.

Here is my pob: https://pastebin.com/5KuJEQgX

What should i focus now? what upgrade is most important now?

Last edited by pablo38 on Feb 20, 2021, 10:02:48 PM

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