[3.10] Kami's CI-CoC Ice Nova Tank 9-12k ES | 5m dps | Delve 1000+ | 75/75 max Block | All Content

I play POE since 3.0 and already got like 7k hours in the Game. I Played in that time a lot of different Builds from Life to Lowlife and up to CI. But nothing really holded me to play it more than a week.

I want to show you a Build that I played already last league and seems to get more and more popular in the last days/week, if you look on Poe.Ninja and the many request I got from people.


-added LowLife POB to pastebin section and in the FAQ LowLife section

- added Low Life version to FAQ section

- added Widespread Destruction to Large Cluster Jewel Section
- added small Cluster Jewel

- updated Sword(corruptions) and Jewel(Watcher's Eye) section
- added 100% chance to avoid elemental Ailments in FAQ section

- added Delve 1k Video for Showcase, sadly didnt recognize first that I run out of Sulphite :-D

- changed medium Crit Cluster Jewels for a medium curse Cluster Jewel

- added Cinderswallow to flask section
- added cluster Jewels and gems to their sections

- added some Videos of Conquerer and Sirus awa. 8 kill

- updated pastebin -> saved 2 passive points at the starting tree
- switched Inspiration for awakened added cold damage support, cause we got
enough crit chance and it doesn't work with a -3 mana cost ring
- added info on rings

- updated the video of simulacrum, should be less laggy then the old one.

- added spoiler for Q&A
- added spoiler for build version in 3.10
- updated pob links normal tree and the one with cluster Jewels
- added Endgame Gear 3.10

- added some description on Helmet section
- added Simulacrum video of last 5 waves
- did take out Hatred in Gem Section

-updated defensive Version, we take Depth Perception to get more Hit and Crit Chance on Cyclone and removed es from body armour on ring mod, cause its legacy now, removed jewel socket on the left side of tree
-updated offensive version to my current version I'm playing atm with cluster jewels and 7 aps
- added poedb link in Gear & Crafting Spoiler
- added some Description to the build cost, hopefully my assessment gets close to what it's really is

- removed ES from Body Armour on Rings mod
- added Accuracy for more Hit chance to glaves crafting section
- added Enchants for Mana Reservation on Helmet, cause DMG enchant is nearly 30-40ex atm

Transcedent Jewel got changed and we are missing now the Accuracy from it. We need to get somewhere else the missing Accuracy. When I'm done with leveling and gearing the char, I'll let you know how the build changed

The Build is pretty much unkillable with GG Gear in defensive version, cause you got so much defensive layers and still shred Bosses in fully juiced T16 within some seconds, or delves to Depth 1000+.

If you want the build to see in action you can visit my twitch site where I stream from time to time:

The Build starts feeling okay, if you good a Cospri and Gear that's worth like 50ex, mostly selfcrafted and with atleast 20/20 skill gems in Cospri and 6 Link . Then you can comfortable farm yellow maps and red Tier maps, but the Bosses can take a while.

It clears all content fast and red tier bosses good at a somewhere like 100ex

If you want quick and save farm Sirus 8, Uber Elder, ultra juiced T16's and everything else, you have to spent like 300ex+

Glad to hear many positive request about the build. But I get spammed the last days with so much messages from people ingame, that half of my playtime was just answering questions which yould easily answered if they just looked more carefully in the guide.
So from now on I won't answer anymore questions ingame. If you got a Question, please write it in the Thread, so everybody can see and answer it. Hopefully you understand my decision, cause I wanne have more real playtime and not want to standing hours in my HO and answer questions unless it's craft time!

GL & Hf everybody!

Path of Building link

10.74k ES @ 7.45 aps with Cluster Jewels & Thread of Hope that we can use in Delirium League
watch out!
- Timeless Jewel doesn't show his effect on the Keystones

My Endgame Gear

3.10 with Cluster Jewels & Thread of Hope

Pros & Cons
+ good single target Dps
+ dodges attacks and spells via Cyclone
+ pretty good clearspeed while mapping
+ immune to crits through Elusive buff
+ 75/75 Blockchance with Flaks
+ up to 12k+ ES
+ ES leech
+ 30 ES on hit
+ 5% ES on Block
+ 5% ES on kill

- expensive if you want Endgame Gear
- slow start of ES recovery and recovery rate
- between Bossphases with no mobs you only got ES recovery and vaal Discipline
- cannot do Elemental reflect maps

How the Build works & aps and Cdr !Important!
1) you hit an enemie with Cyclone -> try getting 100% Hit Chance

2)on that hit you try to get a critikal strike -> try to get 100% critical strike chance for Cyclone

3)the hit with cyclone crits and your CoC gem aktivates so you cast automatically Ice Nova thats linked to it, and also the Ice Nova and Frostbolt in your Cospri



Cooldown reduction is a very important stat in our build, cause there are Breakpoints we can hit to cast more often Ice Nova with Cast on Critical through Cyclone.

BP0 At 0-13% CDR you need to stay below 6.06 APS

BP1 At 14-51% CDR you need to stay below 7.57 APS

BP2 At 52%-57% CDR you need to stay below 10.1 APS

In the End we need to get the BP1 Breakpoint, so wee need atleas 14% CDR

you can get the stats on Boots, Belt or the awakening gem @lvl.3

If you have higher aps with your cyclone then the BP you got, you start missing casts from Ice Nova and loose a bunch of dps

for the aps calculation in PoB Fork:

1) import build
2) go to cyclone as your main skill
3) activate all flasks
4) activate Mistwalker in Configuration
5) activate Tailwind, Onslaught, Frenzy Charges only if you got it from Gear, Gems or somewhere else

I prefer Soul of Lunaris for the avoid and dodge, and Soul of Ralakesh for not to get maimed or blinded

Take Alira for crit multiplier and all resistance

1 Unstable Infusion
2 Deadly Infusion
3 Mistwalker
4 Opportunistic

Gear section and crafting


Stat Priority:
- 250+ Energy Shield
- -9% Cold Resistance to nearby enemies
- Resistance / Dexterity / Intelligence / spell block (elder)

- 40% Ice Nova Damage (~7% more Damage)
- 30% Reduced Mana Reservation for HoI / Precision

1) get a ilvl 85 Hubris Circlet Redeemer Base, enchanted if you can get one
2) use Perfect Fossil to get 28%+ Quality for more ES
3) spam Dense + Frigid Fossils on it

in terms of dps, -9 cold Resistance is stronger than the 40% dmg enchant

sadly after patchnotes, its atm pretty hard to craft the -9 cold res and we need a redeemer base for it. Chances are really low to hit it with a good amount of ES. With even Resistance on it, its now a wet dream.

Body Armour

Stat Priority:
- 600+ Energy Shield
- Recover #% of Energy Shield on kill
- Quality / Resistance / Dexterity / Intelligence

1) get a ilvl 86 shaped or Crusader Vaal Regalia
2) use Perfect Fossil to get 28%+ Quality for more ES
3) spam Dense Fossils on it till you get good ES and the on kill mod


- dont get one with Resolute Technique!!!
- watch in pob how much attack speed you will get with the Range on it
- a corrupted one with frenzy after spent 200 Mana is an easy way to get Frenzy charges while mapping and ob Bosses, but keep aour aps in mind! ~12more dps!
- a corrupted one with inc. critical strike chance (local mod) lets you get the possibility to drop inc. crit strikes gem and take Inspiration. I only recommend it if you can keep your crit Chance near 100% with cyclone and Ice Nova during fights ~ 33% more dps


Stat Priority:
- 250+ Energy Shield
- Recover #% of Energy Shield on block
- chance to Block Spell Damage
- Resistance / Dexterity / Intelligence

1) get a ilvl 86 shaped or Cursader Titanium Spirit Shield
2) use Perfect Fossil to get 28%+ Quality for more ES
3) spam Dense Fossils on it till you get much ES and the recover mod


Stat Priority:
- 180+ Energy Shield
- 481+ Accuracy (T1)
- 50% Damage against chilled enemies (Incursion mod)
- Resistance / Dexterity / Intelligence

if you dont have curse cluster jewel:
- Unnerve enemies on hit (Hunter mod ilvl85+)
- culling strike (warlord ilvl73+)

1) get a ilvl 86 Fingerless Silk Gloves Base
2) use Perfect Fossil to get 28%+ Quality for more ES
3) spam Dense Fossils on it


Stat Priority:
- 170+ Energy Shield
- Movement Speed
- Cooldown Reduction Speed / Tailwind
- Resistance / Dexterity / Intelligence

- 10% Movementspeed for mapping
- Damage Penetration for Bossing

1) get a ilvl 86 shaped or crusader Sorcerer Boots Base
2) use Perfect Fossil to get 28%+ Quality for more ES
3) spam Dense Fossils on it

Alternative Crafting if you want also Tailwind for the 10% more attack speed and the 30% Movementspeed:
1) get a pair Sorcerer Boots with Cooldown Recovery Speed (shaped/crusader) or Tailwind (Hunter) as a single Influenced mod on it. It doesn't matter if its rare or magic
2) get random boots with the Influenced mod you're missing on the other one as a single Influenced mod on it. It doesn't matter if its rare or magic
3) Use a Awakener's Orb to guarante that the Influenced mod on the random boots will transfer to the the sorcerer boots.
4) Now you get a pair of sorcerer boots with guaranted 2 Tailwind + Cooldown Recovery Speed as a mods. The rest of the stats will get Random. Luckily I hit on mine such good stats.


Stat Priority:
- flat Energy Shield
- Assassins Mark (shaped) / Frostbite (Redeemer) on hit as a mod on 1 ring
- increased maximum Energy Shield (Crusader)
- Resistance / Dexterity / Intelligence

1) get a ilvl ~82 shaped / crusader / Redeemer Moonstone Base
3) spam Dense Fossils on it

if you aim for 2 influenced stats, you can look at the boots section to craft some like mine

alternative 1 you can use
for 20% more dps per slot. if you take 2 of them put Frostbite in your Cospri setup instead of ES Leech support

alternative 2
+ Elder ring

if you crafting or got the -3 mana cost for channeling skill mod, Inspiration is no longer working, cause you spent 0 mana for cyclone.


Stat Priority:
- flat Energy Shield
- Cooldown Recovery Speed (Crusader)
- increased maximum Energy Shield (shaped / Crusader)
- increased Energy Shield from Body Armour
- Resistance / Dexterity / Intelligence

1) get a ilvl 75/84 shaped Crystal Belt Base
3) spam Dense Fossils on it

if you aim for 2 influenced stats, you can look at the boots section to craft some like mine


- Tranquility for ES and dps


- for the increased Crit Chance and the inc. damage to enemies on Consercrated Ground

- anti Freeze / chill Flask
- don't take an Onslaught flask if it messes your aps for the BP
- Wise Oak only if you got cannot be frozen on boots and got balanced resists
- Cinderswallow let gets you onslought, Keep you aps in mind!

- Rumi's for a lot of Attack and Spell Block

- Diamond Flask for crit and to be immune to Curses

- Quciksilver for a lots of speed


Watcher's Eye

- Watcher's Eye with ES on hit

For the Moneyboys as second stat:
- Discipline Spell Block if not capped threw Gear
- Precision crit Multiplier ~12% more dps
- Clarity 18% maximum Mana as ES ~700ES

Lethal Pride

Location: next to Mind over Matter or next to Melding
- Lethal Pride (Kilova) to convert MoM or Conduit to Glancing Blows wich doubles you Block Chance, but you get half of the hit damage that would apply on block

Frozen Trail

- for 2 addition Projectiles on Frostbolt

Thread of Hope

-allows us to take passive skills in rafius that aren't connected to the tree. Make sure you got the Large one!

- Light Eater
- Heart of Ice
- Arcane Focus
- Utmost Intellect

- Arcanist's Dominion
- Deep Wisdom

Cluster Jewels -> big dps boost


Blanket Snow:
-10% Cold Penetration

Corrosive Elements:
-Cold Skills have a 25% chance to apply Cold Exposure on Hit
-15% increased Elemental Damage

Widespread Destruction(if you can afford):
- 10% AOE
- 20% increased Elemental Damage

Medium 1

Master of Fear:
- Enemies take 10% increased Spell damage

Wish for Death:
- culling Strike -> 10% more dps

Medium 2

Cold Conduction:
- chilled enemies are shocked (link vortex with awakened unbound Ailments for
even more dmg)

Eye of the Storm:
- 20% increased effect of chill
- 20% increased effect of shock
- 40% crit chance

Small 1 & 2

Energy from Naught:
- 100 Energy shield

!!! try to get on any jewel the immune to corrupted Blood as an implict !!!

Gem setup

6-Link CoC setup

- swap in awakened added cold instead of Inspiration for a small dps boost, but only if you're still crit capped on cyclone without flasks active

4-Link Aura setup

+ Aspect of the Spider on Gear

try to vary with Precision to get it as high as possible with having atleast 50+ Mana left to cast permanent your Cyclone and Vortex
Vaal Discipline for if you Need it in a Situation between Boss phases with no Mobs.

4-Link Movement and Vaal RF for dps

use Vaal RF on Bosses for more dps, dont use the normal RF

4-Link cwdt setup

IC for less Damage taken, Frost Bomb for -res on Mobs and Tempest Shield if your Block Chance isn't capped.

3-Link Cospri setup

swap in Frostbite instead of ES Leech gem if you got the Thread of Hope

3-Link Vortex setup

increaes the chill and shock effect if you got the Cluster Jewel node "Cold Conduction"

usefull site & programms

you should always look on poedb, to see there ilvl base and influence you need to craft a specific mod

Path of Building

Path of Building Fork


Why is my dps so low?

you got:
- 100% Hit Chance with Cyclone?
- 100% Crit Chance with Cyclone?
- checked aps with Cyclone and the Breakpoint?
- 21/20 Skill Gems?
- double dmg cyrcle of Fear?
- got the Cluster Jewels?

Why is my defensive so bad?

you got:
- atleast 8k ES?
- max attack/spell Block?
- recover on Block?
- recover on kill?
- ES gained on Hit Boots or Watcher's?

Is this build HC viable

yes it definitly is, if you want you can also:
- swap in fortify on the 6 link
- get elemental ailements immmunity

How we can get 100% chance to avoid elemental Ailments?

- 25% on synthesized rings implict
- 25% as suffix crafted on gloves or helmet
- 35% as suffix on shaped boots
- 35% crafted as Prefix on Body Armour (not recommended)
- 20% from Arcane Swiftness on passive tree
- 10% from Elemental Focus on passive tree
- 15% from Crystal Skin as Anointment on Amulett

How about going Low Life?

~ 50 more dps!
~ 1500-2000ES less, depends on Gear
- no more chaos Resistance

- get a Shavronne's Wrapping Body Armour
- get the "Pain Attunement" Passive Skill
- equip Blood Magic and Hatred or get a Prism Guardian Shield
- take Cinderswallow to compensate the ES on kill



in Progress
low Budget Tree, Jewels & Gear

passive Tree & Jewels
low budget tree without cluster jewels, more main stats and resists than the normal one

you can also Sin Trek if you got a small Budget or take Fenumus' Spinnerets if you want the ES gained on hit

Light of Lunaris

Mark of the shaper + elder Ring with ES/crit multi

The Vertex

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Video with t16/bossing and delve, please. Will be nice to swap into it from typical CoC
I want to try this build, but need to see video first to see how it compares to other builds.
dat gear is insane.
Rampage Rank 7 lv 100 BONJWA_TOP_DAWG
Talisman SC Rank 7 Lv 100 LaBonjwa_Neymar
Video with t16/bossing and delve, please. Will be nice to swap into it from typical CoC

comming soon, but atm I try to make the Theory at first, it doesn't look much different from a typical life based version, the "only" difference is that if you should lose in some way ES, you get it "instant" back from the defensive mechanic if there are mobs.
Would love to see some videos and some detailed gear guide so I know what to aim for until I can get your insane gear, thanks for the guide!
u have 35% cooldown recovery (20belt - 15boots)
yet ur pob has 8.77 aps

or do u have more cooldown recovery from somewhere else??

edit: nvm, u can get 20+ on awakened coc
Rampage Rank 7 lv 100 BONJWA_TOP_DAWG
Talisman SC Rank 7 Lv 100 LaBonjwa_Neymar
Last edited by Mainoffender on Jan 8, 2020, 12:42:09 AM
on pob u have MoM with 175 unreserved mana
whats up with that?
Rampage Rank 7 lv 100 BONJWA_TOP_DAWG
Talisman SC Rank 7 Lv 100 LaBonjwa_Neymar
Mainoffender wrote:
on pob u have MoM with 175 unreserved mana
whats up with that?

You take it, because if you socket the Timeless Jewel next to the socket, it converts the MoM Keystone. The new effect of the keystone is that it double your block Chance, but you take half of the hitdamage.

I will that later on explain in the guide when I got more time
Gear section is updated, will explain it the next days a bit more

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